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Latest News

WPA Names New Officers

New board members include B.C. Henschen of Platinum Paws, Michael Lou of Patchwork Pets and Keryn Rod of Puppy Spot.

WPA Honors Planet Dog and Others for their Good Works

The World Pet Association named the winners of its Good Works program’s #WPAGoodWorks social media contest this week at the SuperZoo trade show.

Bark to Basics Joins Vital Essenitals Distributor Network

Bark to Basics will be serving pet specialty retailers in the Kansas, Missouri, Oklahoma and Arkansas markets.

Companies Pledge Allegiance to Independent Retailers at SuperZoo

Manufacturers abandon PetSmart-owned Chewy.com to further support independent pet specialty retailers.
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SuperZoo 2017 Countdown

July 25-27, 2017
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Viewpoints: NASC Gets It

Manufacturers of animal health supplements understand the value of the small, independent pet retail channel and these stores’ unique ability to interface and educate consumers.

Keeping an Eye on Consolidation

Mergers and acquisitions at every level of the pet industry are inevitable, so it’s best to just stay abreast of the changes and adapt accordingly.

The Fight Goes on in California

The industry has its work cut out in California, where a bill to enact the first statewide ban on the sales of cats, dogs and rabbits recently passed the state assembly.

Viewpoint: Differentiate or Die

How independent pet specialty retailers can survive—and thrive—in a rapidly changing business climate.
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In This Issue

Protection Against the Cold

Tips on how best to stock and merchandise cold-weather gear

An Eye for Design

Chic mealware for pets tops consumers’ wish lists—as long as the products are convenient and easy to clean.

Don’t Sleep on Bed Sales

The bed category, although a challenging one to merchandise, is bursting at the seams with new designs and features that are sure to grab customers’ attention.

House Rules

Offering herp and small mammal enclosure options that fit customers’ price point expectations and interest can help build new sales opportunities.
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Packaged Facts: Pet Owner Location Matters When Marketing Dog and Cat Products

Urban, suburban and rural pet owners hold widely divergent views of their pets' health, according to the report.

Study Finds Pet Owners Experience Stronger Neighborhood Ties

Researchers surveyed over 2,500 pet and non-pet owners across three U.S. cities and one Australian city.

More Manufacturers are Adopting Minimum Advertised Pricing Policies

Several pet product manufacturers adopted minimum advertised pricing (MAP) policies recently, demonstrating a commitment to supporting the independent pet specialty channel.

Packaged Facts Reveals Four Trends Driving Pet Population and Pet Ownership Growth

In total, Packaged Facts estimates there are around 67 million households with pets, which is 55 percent of all U.S. households.
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