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August 2015

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In This Issue

Let Them Eat Cake!

A San Diego bakery focused on expanding its homemade treats business, growing its client base and stocking more pet food.

The Skinny on Skin Care

An increase in skin issues in dogs has led to a greater availability of product solutions, with many including natural or organic ingredients.

That's the Spirit!

Merchandising boutique items effectively, whether for everyday products or holiday specials, hinges on retailers’ ability to create fun, engaging displays.

Behind the Scenes: Rad Approach

Radagast Pet Food Inc. has seen steady growth since bringing its Rad Cat Raw Diet cat food to market, but education is needed to overcome the public’s misconceptions about raw pet food.

Shake the Blogging Blues

Tired of writing blog posts only to have nobody read or engage with them?

Kinder is Better

Treats and high-tech options that emphasize positive reinforcement forge ahead in training and behavior products for pets.

The Great Organic Debate

Is the additional cost for organic pet food and treats justified?

ROTY: Steady as She Goes

Thanks to an exceptionally close-knit community and a determination to survive, our Retailer of the Year: One to Watch winner has endured a potentially career-ending perfect storm now enjoys fair winds and following seas.

2015 Editors' Choice Awards

This year's winners include the most innovative and exciting must-have products for pets.

Getting Into Delicious Detail

When pet owners want to know all the specifics about USA-made products and their ingredient sourcing, are you armed with answers?

Nurture the Need

Natural foods meet consumers’ demand for quality, healthful ingredients.

Function & Fashion

Will retailers see manufacturers merge the two traits and coordinate them with human trends more often?

Diets for All Nine Lives

Pet food manufacturers are offering new varieties of specialty and functional cat foods, such as weight-loss, life-stage-specific and health-condition-related formulas—and pet owners are willing to pay for these options.

Filling in the Gaps

Retailer knowledge and customer communication skills are the keys to facilitating the right product pick.

BTS: Yankee Ingenuity With a Nod to Merry England

Robin Kershner, owner of Huxley & Kent, knows pet boutiques.

Small Store Problems

Pet industry distributors play an interesting role in the food chain.

Raise Prices ... Sell More?

It’s all in the numbers.

Healthy Pet's Sustainable Solutions

Near Zero Waste, Near Zero Cost

Additives and Medications

Tank supplements and additives help retailers address customers’ problems.

Terrariums and Décor See an Influx of Style

In meeting customers’ needs, the herp hobby welcomes sleek new enclosure offerings of both fanciful and realistic décor.
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