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August 2016

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In This Issue

Bentley’s Pet Stuff, TailsSpin Pet Food & Accessories Merge

Two of Pet Product News’ Retailers of the Year have big plans this year to expand their reach in the southeast region.

Set the Table

Trends in high-end dishes and feeders have pets eating from stylish products in an array of colors and materials.

Targeted Nutrition for Felines

Breed- and age-specific foods, as well as formulas addressing specific health concerns, often are just what cat owners are looking for, but retailers need to invest the time to educate consumers and promote these specialty diets.

Covering the Spectrum

An increasing focus on sound nutrition for pets has led to growth in foods developed to pinpoint specific requirements based on size and breed.

Perfect Exotic Pet Displays

Best-practice tips for merchandising terrariums, housing and cages for herps, small mammals and birds

Nothing But Natural

The pace of the chew category in pet retail continues to project upward, with consumer interest focused on natural products.

Keep It Clean

Fishkeepers want food for their aquatic pets that results in less tank maintenance and better water quality.

Small Bites and Toys for Petite Pets

Retailers and manufacturers report that more pet owners are requesting safe, natural and made in the USA chews and toys for their birds and critters.

New Fish Keep on Swimming

Trends in freshwater and marine aquatic livestock

The Triple Bottom Line

The pet industry seems to be stuck in a prevailing production mindset. The most innovative companies will find ways to return production to the U.S., be cost competitive, pay a fair wage, be socially and environmentally responsible, create jobs at home and give back to their communities.

The At-Home Experience

High-end grooming products that let dog owners pamper their pooches by bringing the spa home are leading the market.

A Lot to Bark About

Barkworthies made its debut with bully sticks just four years ago and has since grown to have a product portfolio of more than 200, including antlers, horns, bones, alternative chews and treats, says Bill Chilian, marketing vice president of the Richmond, Va., company.

A Breath of Fresh Air

Using chemical additives that stop odor formation is one of the biggest trends that cat litter manufacturers are experimenting with—and retailers are finding that pet owners are intrigued.

Surveying Your Crowd

Web surveys gather free intelligence with sophistication for small businesses, including independent pet retailers.

Focus on the Festive

Holiday-themed products for pets and gift items for pet owners remain popular with celebrating customers.

Fun Comes in All Forms

Dog owners seek toys that are durable, safe and smart while delivering more exciting playtime, strengthening the bond and alleviating boredom.

Help Pet Owners Defeat Outdoor Pests

Pet owner education is vital to boosting sales of flea and tick treatments for the yard.

The Best of the Best

An ever-expanding array of superpremium dog food mirrors the appeal and nutritional value of meals on the human dining table.

Do the Addition of Supplements

A burgeoning pet supplements category means retailers must focus on product knowledge and create savvy displays to boost sales of these products.

Spark the Competitive Spirit for Greater Retail Sales

Use these four easy sales games to encourage your team and propel store earnings to greater heights.
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