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August 2017

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In This Issue

The Life Aquatic

Unusual fish and corals are increasingly popular, helping to supplement the standard offerings of aquarium livestock.

In Top Form

Whether they’re used to enhance taste, nutrition or variety, food toppers are increasingly popular and prove profitable for stores that make the effort to educate customers about them.

Fishing for Profits

Industry participants report that pellets reign supreme in the aquatic foods category.

Trading Up

As consumers increasingly consider giving their dogs the very best diets available, it is up to retailers to help them get there.

Raw Hits the Mainstream

No longer just a niche, the raw food category sees increased demand, innovation and success.

Home Spa

Dog owners continue to seek high-quality grooming products that bring the spa experience into their homes.

Health on the Shelf

Pet supplements are gaining popularity with pet owners as they seek to give their companion animals a healthful boost.

Bring on the Fun

With their captivating colors and shapes, dog toys can make for easy add-on sales—if marketed properly.

Follow the Formula

Some pet owners seek out foods that are formulated to address their cats’ specific health issues.

DYI Diagnostics

The demand for at-home testing and diagnostic products is growing as pet owners take greater responsibility for monitoring their animals’ health.

Showing Support for USA-Made Merchandise

Highlighting products that are produced in the USA hits home with consumers, who often perceive these items to be held to higher safety standards.
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