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December 2017

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In This Issue

Suspension Twist to Hawaii Saga

The Hawaii Supreme Court issued an injunction halting the collection of reef fish for aquaria until an environmental review has been carried out.

An Expanding Landscape

With more millennials becoming pet owners, natural products are booming. Manufacturers explain how they are meeting the needs of these eco-conscious consumers.

The CBD Solution

Solving problems naturally is a big driver behind CBD products, and the category can reap rewards for retailers that do the research.

Décor Goes Natural

Naturalistic decorations and functional items dominate the marketplace in herp terrariums.

Feeding Feline Demand

The landscape of cat nutrition is expanding, and new wet and dry food selections offering a wide range of superior, healthful attributes are entering the marketplace.

Gear Gains Ground

Collars, leashes and harnesses that marry fashion and technology, in addition to improving pets’ lives, are a hit with dog owners.

Zen Zone

Pet owners seeking to calm and soothe their animals, as well as curb undesirable pet behaviors, are driving sales of training and behavior products.

A Litter Revelation

Litter and bedding for cats and small animals have evolved to a more natural state as consumers look to improve the health of their pets.

Flake Food Favorites

Though competition is heating up, these classic aquatic foods offer retailers a chance to bring in new hobbyists and keep customers coming back.

Appetite for Nutrition

Dog food is mirroring trends in human nutrition, with more USA-made, clean diets in natural formulations available on the market.

In Connection to Animals

Pet Product News’ 2017-2018 Holistic Approach Retailer of the Year offers holistic remedies and supplies in a warm, knowledgeable environment.
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