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February 2017

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In This Issue

Home Sweet Playful Home

More small animal owners are seeking habitats and toys for their pets that are cozy, fun and enriching.

Petite Yet Premium

Price point and perceived luxury drive interest in freshwater aquariums.

Staple Sales: Freshwater

Bring customers in with repeat purchases, and keep them with quality.

A Strong, Healthy Category

Discover why retailers report that supplement sales for cats and dogs continue to rise.

Itching for Profits

How retailers can get the most out of flea and tick products.

Protein Power

The many health attributes associated with a grain-free diet translate to increasingly strong consumer demand.

Fringe Benefits

The natural pet supplements category has grown from a niche segment to a significant moneymaker—and health-conscious pet owners are driving the trend.

A Decipherable Diet

Customers want to know what’s in their pet’s diets, and all-natural pet food makers deliver with understandable ingredient lists.

Healthy Body and Mind

More owners seek natural health aids and remedies that can help address a range of pet health issues, including digestion, weight loss, dental maintenance, overall physical and mental well-being, and more.

No Bad Fur Days

Like human hair, fur requires quality care. Display your on-trend grooming product to greater effect for pet owners’ needs—and your register’s receipts.

Home Grown and Home Made

To meet their desire for nutritious and safe diets for their cats, savvy consumers increasingly turn to premium foods that are sourced and manufactured in the U.S.

Easy Does It

Insiders see more products designed to train and improve dog behavior coming from a place of gentle and less-invasive techniques to build relationships with pets.

In for a Treat

The newest goodies for pets feature tasty, all-natural, healthful ingredients that are good for the planet.

One Cool Place

From fresh-baked goodies and natural foods to full-service grooming, Wag N’ Wash has what it takes to keep customers coming back.
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