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January 2017

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In This Issue

The Distributor Dance

Like many businesses, distributors might not have your best interest at heart—the key is to recognize that while your goals aren’t always the same, you can still benefit from the relationship.

Top to Bottom

Herpkeepers seek habitat lighting, heating and substrate that are visually authentic and energy efficient

Morsel Muses

Investing in a quality selection of cat treats can generate more rings at the register.

Pump Up Profits

Energy efficiency and controllability help sell the benefits of newer pumps, filters and temperature controllers.

Simply Unlimited Demand

Limited-ingredient pet foods score big with consumers looking to mitigate food sensitivity issues, as well as those who value a short ingredient panel.

Reasons to Smile Big

Pet retailers can boost profits and promote good health with a variety of dog dental care products.

Investing in a Healthful Profile

In recent years, demand and supply of pet health and safety products has erupted amid more open minds, educated customers and myriad options.

Leading the Way

The Big Bad Woof’s commitment to quality pet nutrition, local businesses, and social and environmental issues sets it apart from the competition.

Independent Streak

Do recent buyouts of independent pet retailers signify an onslaught of consolidation on the horizon, or just good business moves in an industry that continues to overachieve?

Top-of-Mind Pet Industry Trends

Pet Product News’ Retailers of the Year look forward to what 2017 will bring, including hot new products.
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