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When Grooming Goes Wrong

5 Risks When Small Businesses Fire/Terminate Employees

Companies of all types and sizes terminate employees for a wide range of reasons. However, these actions carry consequences if not done appropriately.

Covering Your Assets

An insurer offers advice on how to prepare and protect businesses from common and costly property and general liability claims.

International Waters: Industry Unfairly Attacked … Again!

Protect Your Brand Identity From Cybersquatting

What’s in a name? Well, for a business, it’s the primary way people identify a company and its products and services. This “brand name” is the company’s trademark, and trademarks must be protected legally.

Liability, Litigation and the Pet Industry

While there’s no way to reduce all liabilities all of the time, there are some prudent actions you can take to reduce the chances your business will face a lawsuit.

TailsSpin Is Pet Product News' Retailer of the Year 2015-2016

TailsSpin Pet Food & Accessories tirelessly champions its community and collaborates with local businesses, charities, schools and, most of all, pets, to create heartfelt connections.

The Full Spectrum

Manufacturers offer a variety of textures, consistencies, flavors and proteins to please the palates—and meet the nutritional requirements—of even the pickiest cats.

The Little Reptile Store That Could

In an era when selling live animals doesn’t often pay and creates extra headaches, Reptile Finders discovers a way to keep the best scaly critters in front of its customers.

Suds That Stand Out

Grooming products with top-quality, skin-soothing ingredients that pamper pets are the winners in this category.

Play, Sleep, Repeat

Stock a full selection of dog toys and beds so pets can play all day and snooze through the night.

’Tis the Season for Sales

Start planning your stock for the fall and winter holidays early to ensure you have that special something for every good pet.

The Future of the Pet Industry

Great to Go

Mobile groomers love their work because it’s a passion with many perks. Four share a look into their businesses and their workaday lives.

Displays Unleashed

Among myriad styles, materials, colors and price points, pet owners have more leash and collar options than ever before, and merchandising this huge category to greatest effect requires ingenuity.

Décor to the Fore

As the aquarium market moves to the beginner segment, ornaments and accessories increasingly become more important.

To Show or Not to Show

Whether industry trade shows are worth it for an owner of a small store is a question with which many of us wrestle. There’s much to consider.

SuperZoo 2015: Bigger, Better

There will be more booths than ever and attendance is set to hit a new high at the SuperZoo trade show at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center in Las Vegas, July 21 to 23.

Behind the Scenes: Cagey Company

Advantek, an animal containment company for pets and backyard farm animals, got its start in 2004 in the Los Angeles area as a hand tool company.

Adjusting to Change

Life-stage-specific foods offer targeted nutrition for dogs’ health and well-being.
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