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July 2017

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In This Issue

Protection Against the Cold

Tips on how best to stock and merchandise cold-weather gear

An Eye for Design

Chic mealware for pets tops consumers’ wish lists—as long as the products are convenient and easy to clean.

Don’t Sleep on Bed Sales

The bed category, although a challenging one to merchandise, is bursting at the seams with new designs and features that are sure to grab customers’ attention.

House Rules

Offering herp and small mammal enclosure options that fit customers’ price point expectations and interest can help build new sales opportunities.

Fun and Functional

Small mammals and pet birds require the stimulation and health benefits that chews and toys offer, and retailers need to carry a variety for customers.

Taking Pet Food to the Next Level

Following human food trends, organic and ethically sourced dog food is gaining traction with many consumers.

Rest Assured

Canine bedding has transcended basic function to embrace comfort, style, durability and specialty features.

Unleashing Sales

Having a great selection of collars and leashes that are thoughtfully merchandised can spell sales success for retailers.

Pick and Chews

When shopping for dog chews, pet owners are looking for products that are long lasting and safe for their pets.

A Nano for Everyone

Both novices and pros are embracing the nano tank trend, thanks to improved technology and emerging consumer trends.

Curating Cuisine Choices

With so many pet food options available today, it’s worth a retailer’s time and energy to assemble an optimum product assortment.

The Scoop on Litter

More variety is helping cat owners find solutions to issues in the litterbox.

Let the Festivities Begin

Owners plan to celebrate the season with their pets, and businesses that get in the holiday spirit can capitalize on the increased end-of-year sales.

Raw on the Radar

Raw cat food is getting a lot more attention from today’s pet owners.

Freshly Primped

Dog owners want natural grooming products that mirror their own in simplicity, ingredients and care.

Age-Specific Formulas Offer Dietary Diversity

Stocking a variety of diets, both for senior dogs and young pups, helps retailers build customer loyalty and drive sales.

Authenticity from the Heart

Passion, authenticity and expertise ensure that Odyssey Pets remains at the head of the pack in a dog-eat-dog market.
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