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June 2015

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In This Issue

Latest in Training and Behavior Products

The latest training and containment products to help keep customers’ pets on the best-behaved list

"Unnatural" Fish Hold an Important Place in Fishkeeping

Supplements Sales Add Up

Retailers can enjoy financial rewards and help owners reap pet health dividends with the growing pet supplements category.

Fruitables Offers Large Variety of Combination Flavors

With a staff of less than 10, Vetscience LLC says its Fruitables brand offers pets and their owners the industry’s largest variety of combination flavors.

The Importance of and Options in Oral Health

Taking a year-round approach to educating customers on the importance of and options in oral health gives retailers a quality return on investment.

Small Mammal Treat Time

Fulfill small animal owners’ desires for tidbits that offer nutrition, palatability and bonding time.

A Fun-tastic Experience for Small Mammals

New products in the sector combine health and fun to attract both critters and kids.

The Pet Health Aid Market Sees Innovative New Offerings

Unconventional options and tracking aids are at the forefront of new products to help improve the well-being of pets.

Join the Perimeter Defense Team

Don’t let customers forget that flea and tick prevention must include the yard.

Retailer Of The Year: Quirky, Cool and Loving It

This pet store reflects its hometown, which is America’s smallest state capital: different, unusual and very easy to like.

Grooming Tools to Accommodate

New offerings for professional groomers focus on quality, versatility and creativity, as requested from the end-users themselves.

Enlightened Treating

To help dogs and cats live full, healthy lives, pet owners seek out low-calorie treats with high-quality ingredients.

Sell Your Beliefs Not Market Demand

If I walk the aisles of another large franchised pet food store, I can tell you why I would not carry most of the pet foods that it offers. This is the key to the success of a small store.

Pet Industry Seeks to Establish a Stronger, United Voice

Two key industry organizations marshal forces to broadcast the message to the masses about the benefits of live animal ownership and responsible breeding.

Biting Off More Sales with Chews

New dog chews on the market reflect customers’ values.

Dog Food: Value-Based Sales

Transparency and alternative options lead the pack in meeting dog food consumer demand.

The Course of Canine Flu 2015

The canine flu epidemic that swept through a chunk of the Midwest dog population this winter continued to rear its ugly head in spring.

Litter-ally Eco-Focused

The newest cat litter options address customers’ increasing attention on great products that produce a low environmental impact.

Forward-Thinking Cat Food Formulas

New products introduced at Global Pet Expo meet cat owners’ demands for unique protein sources and grain-free foods.

New Highs for Natural Dog & Cat Food

Natural cat and dog food is meeting new highs as the category focuses on providing the best possible foods for pets’ health and well-being.
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