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June 2016

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In This Issue

New Survey Says Dogs Lift Workplace Spirits

Wellness Natural Pet Food survey reveals pets boost mood at the office.

Fishing for Nutrition for Aquatic Pets

Various trends in the fish food category are a direct result of a growing awareness of the importance of health and nutrition among fishkeepers.

Interest in Oils for Pets Wells Up

Customer interest in topical and edible oils for pets continues to see growth with retailers.

Accessorizing Cage Sales for Small Animals

Affordable and attractive habitats with interactive accessories provide enrichment and play for small animals and boost sales for specialty retailers.

Paw’s Natural Pet Emporium: Diving Into Success

Exceptional customer service at this Kennewick, Wash., retailer comes down to honesty, respect and kindness.

Standout Pet Collar Styles

To stand out in the pet collar category, manufacturers consider a range of factors when it comes to collars—with fashion and safety ranking as high priorities.

Getting to the Root of Pets' Skin Issues

Independent pet retailers who are successful selling the skin and coat product category understand the underlying causes of these pesky issues and are able to provide dog owners with immediate and long-term solutions.

Cat Furniture Sales With a Flourish

Eye-catching materials, innovative configurations and easily portable designs make cat furniture and activity centers more attractive to pet owners.

Are Millennials Generation Pet?

What to know when marketing, merchandising and selling pet products to millennials

Spread the Joy of Pet Toys

Ensuring your store offers a plethora of playthings for all species and ages of pets helps reduce boredom, channel energy and provide the perfect bonding tools for pet and owner.

Acts of Conscience in the Pet Space

Cause marketing is making a direct impact on pet owners’ selection of retailers and brands.
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