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March 2016

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In This Issue

Demand for Natural, Organic Pet Supplements Is Up

Tools for Retail Partners; Products for Pets

Blaine Phillips, CEO of Easton, Pa.-based Phillips Pet Food & Supplies, talked to Pet Product News about why he’s proud of his company’s ability to rapidly adapt to the changing needs of the pet industry and provide its retail partners with all of the products customers seek.

Promoting Pest Solutions

Pet industry insiders share merchandising tips for the flea and tick category.

Lending More Than a Hand

Pet product retailers know that expansion often is key to growth and continued success, but sometimes they lack the capital to build. This can represent a significant investment, some or all of which might require financing.

Can a Pet Store Change Its Spots?

According to the tale of Paw’s Natural Pet Emporium, the change from one to two stores and then back to one again can be done sanely and smartly—and result in a business that’s better than ever.

Serving the Community Since 1983

A steady supply of conscientious staff, old-school ways of doing business and offering everything under the sun in one pet store has kept this Maryland retailer in business for 33 years.

Custom Fit

These stores focus on providing top-notch customer service and helping pet owners find products that are the perfect match for their pet.

A Revised View of Salespeople

A Winning Combination

Sparked by Lucy Pet Products’ Joey Herrick, a pet industry innovator extraordinaire, four corporations collaborate to revolutionize the cat litter category.

Fueling Fido

Many consumers are turning to high-protein foods in an effort to help their dogs enjoy a longer, more healthful lifestyle.

Train your sales staff to win and win big

Why you must reach beyond the rote programs to secure regular, increased sales

Cats Rule With Gen Y

Pet Product News March 2016

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