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March 2017

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In This Issue

Dog Tech Dynamics

High-end products are still niche, but consumers increasingly want products for their dogs that they already have for themselves.

U.S.-Made Foods Get a Boost

With pet owners scrutinizing product labels more and more, ingredient origin and manufacturing location join the list of consumer demands.

Good for What Ails ’Em

Consumers seeking natural but effective solutions that could improve the quality of their pets’ lives are increasingly turning to cannabidiol-based products as a viable option.

Summer Fashion for Fido

It’s time for pet retailers to outfit canine customers for warmer weather and grand adventures.

A Category in Bloom

The pet spa category blossoms as consumer demand for effective, luxurious and safe products continues to grow.

Nutrition and Hydration

There has been a surge of interest in waterers and feeders, especially products that are designed specifically to satisfy a cat’s comfort and health needs.

Bang for the Buck

Functional treats give pet owners greater value for their dollar.

Unleashing Sales

The world of high-end collars and leashes is brimming with new products that marry style and design with functionality and safety.

Industry Roundtable: Evolving Exotics

Foods for herps and small mammals trend toward fresh options with high-quality ingredients.

Hitting the Road In Style

The newest travel and outdoor gear focuses on quality, functionality and safety, as well as meeting the needs of ever-more-mobile pet owners.

The Purrfect Way to Play

The cat toys category is getting a much-needed shakeup with interactive toys and other products designed to entice felines’ natural instincts.

Many Reasons to Smile

Keeping dental health at the forefront of customers’ minds is a year-round effort. Providing products that contain natural ingredients and are easy to use can help.

Summer Loving

Toys and accessories for the warmer seasons can help retailers connect with customers and grow their business.

Leading the Pack to Protein

Grain-free, limited-ingredient and raw foods, coupled with consumers shying away from carbohydrate-laden fare, all have contributed to an increase in the availability of high-protein dog foods.

Bucking the Trend

Ever evolving, influenced by no one and a believer in outside-the-box thinking, the independent spirit of one North Carolina pet store soars.
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