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March 2018

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In This Issue

In Safe Hands

Salon safety should be top of mind for professional pet groomers.

Fiji’s Corals Back in Trade

The year started out rocky for the Fijian live coral and live rock trade, but the Ministry of Fisheries and Forests has righted its wrong.

A Natural Remedy

Pet owners that use cannabidiol (CBD) products to treat their pets’ ailments are spreading the word about CBD’s benefits, which is contributing to substantial market growth.

Travel Items Move Onward, Upward

With dog and cat owners taking their pets with them more places, the travel category enjoys expanding products and solid sales.

Groomers Seek Ergonomics, Upsells

In professional grooming, products that offer safety for pets and groomers as well as opportunities to pump up services reign.

Fashion Focus

Color and style meet function and durability in the favored collars, leashes and harnesses of the season.

Herp Hobby Poised for Growth

While the category is strong and new hobbyists are buying reptiles, challenges with livestock supply and legislative changes loom on the horizon.

Say “Ahhhh, Profits”

How pet specialty retailers can clean up with natural dental products.

Pond Profits Come from Expertise

Increasingly, water garden retailers rely on livestock sales, word-of-mouth, and providing full-service pond installation and care to build their businesses.

Functional Indulgences

Snack time has evolved as dog owners increasingly consider the ingredients and benefits that treats and chews offer their canine counterparts

Quality Counts

When it comes to feeding and watering systems, dog owners seek quality, easy-to-use products.

The Live Plant Sales Advantage

With competition heating up in the aquatics segment, many retailers are realizing profits in aquascaping and plant sales.

Small Mammal and Bird Are Holding Their Own

Both categories have dedicated fan bases and are seeing growth, with pet owners focusing on enrichment and healthful diets.

Summer Is Calling

Get pet owners thinking about summer now so that they’re ready for whatever the season has in store.

Bring the Spa Home

Pet owners purchase indulgent grooming products for a pampering at-home experience.

Toys that Play Well

Pet owners are on the hunt for unique toys that persnickety cats will deem captivating and, in response, manufacturers are upping their game.

An Eclectic Bunch

The Yuppy Puppy embraces the personalities of its employees to serve and care for the pets in its Spokane, Wash., neighborhood.

Flag-Bearing Foods

Dog owners want to be confident in the foods and treats they give their dogs, and they are increasingly trusting of fare sourced and made in the USA.

Highlighting Habitats

Solid husbandry and savvy promotion help drive livestock sales and build long-term relationships with customers.

Diets Rich in Protein Fly High

Experts report growing interest in high-protein foods featuring unique and natural sources.
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