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March 2019

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In This Issue

Industry Roundtable: Small Pets, Big Changes

Manufacturers in the small-animal and companion bird categories weigh in on what to expect in these segments this year.

International Waters: Confusion and Frustration Still Reign Regarding Indonesian Corals

The coral crisis is not over, and Indonesian exporters have shed thousands of jobs and lost millions of dollars.

How Retailers are Profiting with Ponds

Though the pond hobby faces some headwinds, superior service and competitive advantages allow retailers to carve out an economic niche for themselves.

Industry Roundtable: Herp Industry Innovations Abound

New tech and ideas are driving the herp industry in positive directions as the hobby goes mainstream, industry experts report.

Trends in Collars and Leashes

Fashion, function and safety top pet owners’ wish lists for collars, leashes and harnesses.

What's Driving Innovation in Cat Toys

Cat owners seek innovative, purposeful toys in a growing market that demands variety.

Skin and Coat Products Solve Problems for Pet Owners

Innovative ingredients and effective education go paw-in-paw in the natural skin and coat category.

Natural Dental Care for Pets

Many shoppers are turning to natural solutions to address their pets’ oral health.

What Pet Owners Seek from Grooming Products

Consumers are receptive to grooming products with indulgent properties and natural, safe ingredients.

Raw Dog Foods Sales Undeterred by Safety Concerns

Despite lingering fears over safety, raw food remains all the rage, according to industry insiders.

Keeping Pets Cool This Summer

When it comes to family fun, the canine set is joining in, generating demand for gear that makes hot weather activities more convenient and comfortable.

Why USA-Made Dog Foods Continue to Thrive

The dog food and treat category has seen an influx of products made in the USA as owners increasingly seek out consumables they perceive as being more trustworthy and safer.

Dog Treats and Chews Take a Functional Approach

Trends in the treat and chew category reflect pet owners’ demand for healthful, functional consumables.

How to Profit from Pet Cleanup Products

Consumers are looking for stain and odor control products that are not only safe, but really work, and retailers that research the efficacy of these products will make the best recommendations.

Demand for High Protein Dog Food Evolves

Canine sustenance is circling back to a high-protein, ancestral-based diet.

Why Pet Toys are Serious Business

Plush and interactive toys for dogs and cats lead the way to play.

How the 2018 Farm Bill Impacts CBD Products for Pets

Passage of the 2018 Farm Bill aims to clear the confusion regarding the legal status of hemp/cannabidiol (CBD) products, and opens the market to more manufacturers, retailers and consumers.

Finding True North

The 2018-2019 One to Watch PPN Retailer of the Year Award winner offers a welcoming, pet-loving environment that showcases holistic, natural dog and cat foods, along with treats, toys and accessories.
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