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March 2020

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In This Issue

Developments in Pet Collars, Leashes and Harnesses

Consumers want collars, leashes and harnesses that are not only safe and comfortable, but that also meet their specific needs.

Why Simple Sells in the Dog Treat and Chew Aisle

Today’s health-conscious dog owners seek treats and chews for the canine set that have limited and healthful ingredients.

What Makes the Best-Selling Pet Beds Popular

Pet beds are featuring safe, eco-friendly materials and colors that blend with home décor.

Consumers Expect More from Pet Toys

When it comes to toys, both pet owners and their companions need to be wowed.

High-Protein Dog Food

Pet owners are on the hunt for quality, high-protein products, and manufacturers are responding with goods to satisfy.

The Natural Dental Products That Aim to Keep Pets’ Oral Health in Check

More pet owners prefer natural dental products to address their pets’ oral care needs, and manufacturers are offering solutions to help.

A Guide to Promoting Summertime Products for Dogs

Products designed to keep pooches safe, comfortable and cool during summertime activities remain popular purchases for educated and concerned pet owners.

What Dog Owners Expect from Made in USA Pet Foods and Treats

Today’s dog owners want more than a guarantee that foods and treats are made in the USA.

Premium Cat Food

When it comes to premium cat diets, educated consumers are happy consumers.

How Pet Supply Retailers Can Navigate the Popular CBD Category

The pet cannabidiol (CBD) category is surging, which is great for sales, but retailers must carefully vet the brands they select while keeping an eye on legislation and regulatory developments.

Why Brick-and-Mortars Are Still the Best Resource for Aquatic Hobbyists

Aquatic retailers have several advantages over their competitors when it comes to driving sales of aquarium equipment and maintenance supplies.

Condition-Specific Spa Pet Products Cater to Pet Owners’ Needs

Pets continue to be pampered—and owners are dropping decent dough on spa products that match their very specific demands.

Trends in Skin and Coat Care for Pets

Pet owners are looking for some key characteristics when shopping for skin and coat care products for their furry loved ones.

Live Herp Food

Independent retailers have the advantage offering live foods, and customers are eating up all things reptilian and amphibian.

The Savvy Methods The Natural Pet Enrichment Center Uses to Keep Customers Engaged

The owner of the North Royalton, Ohio-based store goes above and beyond simple customer service to earn loyal shoppers.

Natural Ways to Fight Fleas and Ticks in Pets

Natural flea and tick control options flourish as pet owners become increasingly discriminating about the products they choose to fight these pests.

Raw Dog Food Sales Remain Steady Despite Safety Concerns

Consumer education and careful manufacturers keep raw dog diets afloat despite warnings from the U.S. Food & Drug Administration.

Koi Food, Services Among Top Sales Drivers for Pond Retail Sales

Retailers increasingly turn to foods and services as the pond equipment and supplies segment becomes more competitive.
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