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In This Issue

Retailer Of The Year: The Royal Touch

Royal Pets Market and Resort offers pets a first-class experience and unmatched full-service care.

Brighter, Whiter, Fresher: Dental Products

A growing range of dental products offers opportunities for sales growth.

Leading The Way: Collar, Harness and Leash Trends

Attention to design and display mark the latest trends in dog collars, harnesses and leashes.

Halting the Invasion: Controlling Fleas and Ticks

The best ways to practice pet control on the home front

Boost Your Supplement Sales

On the whole, today’s pet owners are more concerned than ever about quality of life. They want their dogs and cats to live the longest and best lives possible. The result is an increased interest in wellness and preventive care, both of which are boosting supplement sales.

Pet Nutrition News Spring 2015

Trends In the Aquatic Maintenance Space

Retailers still are offering staple products in the category, but changing conditions mean pitfalls and opportunities.

Pot for Pets

Cannabis, pets and the possible payoff

Build Customer Base by Being the Expert

Seize the opportunity and build strong customer relationships by being the expert go-to source for all pet nutrition topics.

Pet Product News May 2015

Twofold Tidbits

Consumers are looking for treats that offer both taste and healthful ingredients.

USA Made + Brand Story = Sales

Stocking domestic-made products is just the beginning. Shoppers love to hear details on exactly where, why and how those items came to be.

Getting to the Meat

Mastering merchandising and display of products in the pet food category

Raw Cat Food Increasing in Popularity

From frozen food to freeze-dried offerings, feeding (and selling) raw cat food has never been so convenient.

Sales Grow for Reptile and Amphibian Food

Quality, coupled with effective packaging and education, has resulted in recent sales growth for reptile and amphibian foods.

Dog Owners Pursue Specialty Diets

As owners pursue specialty and functional diets for their dogs, manufacturers respond with quality options from breed- and life-stage-specific to limited-ingredient and weight-loss formulas.

Top 10 Trends Toward Another Top-Notch Pet Decade

What every pet market builder should consider as they rethink old strategies and develop new ones.
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