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May 2016

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In This Issue

Deadly Virus to Control Invasive Carp in Australia

Suppose that the ornamental aquatic industry were to suggest the release of a deadly virus into native waters to control the spread of an invasive fish species. Surprising though it might appear at first sight, this precise situation is real.

Plug-and-Play Products Boost the Automated Aquarium Equipment Category

There’s profit in automated aquarium equipment for savvy retailers who are ready to spend the time and understand their market.

The Right Tools for Peak Pro Groom Performance

Groomers want professional equipment that provides safe and optimal execution and takes advantage of new technologies.

Herp Food Evolution and Adaptation

Natural, no-mess and easy-to-feed products lead in popularity with herpkeepers.

Keep it Simple with Corals

Education and industry improvements make hard and soft coral easier to manage.

Brushing and Beyond in the Pet Dental Segment

Dental care product sales projections show upward momentum—particularly in the natural chew and treat segment.

Swift, Safe and Systematic Pest Control for Pets

Flea and tick products formulated to treat the home keep pets safe while quickly eradicating infestations.

Down to Basics: Raw Pet Nutrition Versus Processed

Consumer awareness is expanding when it comes to the advantages of raw nutrition versus processed diets for pets.

Pets Prepared for the Wider World

As pets become more a part of the family, their safety and well-being at home and while out and about for fun and adventure becomes paramount.

The Writing’s on the Cat Specialty Food Bag

Consumers want details when it comes to food and supplements that target specific health needs in cats.

Absorbing the Facts of Dogs' Digestive Health

Products that address dogs’ digestive health come in a range of formats—all retailers need to do is find the right set for their store, create meaningful displays and educate their staff.

Mobile Communications: an Effective Tool for Building Customer Relationships

For pet marketers and retailers with digital aspirations, clinching an online sale might seem like the holy grail, but smarter digital marketing has a loftier aim: personalizing and cementing customer relationships. The payoffs are real.

Step Outside the Same Old Sales Box

Spark your “cool” cred with pet-loving customers by applying unusual and innovative sales techniques in your store.

Product Merchandiser Focus: Pet Food Placement Strategies

Strategically placing dog and cat food within your pet store can lead to greater add-on sales, more trials of new diets and a better shopping experience for the consumer.

Regional Crossroads

Pet product manufacturers, distributors and retailers offer a glimpse into buying shows and getting the most out of them.
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