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May 2018

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In This Issue

Sizzling Stock: Dog Treats

Organic & Limited Ingredients Rule

Sizzling Stock: Small Mammal Products

Supplements on the Rise for Small Animals

Sizzling Stock: Health Aids

Managing Pets’ Health at Home

Sizzling Stock: Herptile Food

Natural & Variety Lead in Sales

Sizzling Stock: Flea and Tick Products

Category Trends Toward Natural

Sizzling Stock: Supplements

Gaining Consumer Trust

Sizzling Stock: Dog Nutrition

Clean & Nutritious Diets Do Best

Sizzling Stock: Dog toys

Entertaining Both Pets & Owners

Sizzling Stock: Dog Chews

Consumers Seek Unique & Long-lasting Offerings

Sizzling Stock: Cat Litter

Problem-Solving Litters Reign

Sizzling Stock: Aquatic Food

Fish Foods Offer Frozen & Novel Formulas

Sizzling Stock: Natural Dog & Cat Foods

Owners Demand More Nutrients & Less Processing

Gut Instinct

What’s good for the people in the family is often beneficial to the canine contingent; in this way, interest in digestive health products for dogs is on an upward trajectory.

Potty Talk

Consumers often need help understanding dog potty training and incontinence products, and it’s up to pet specialty retailers to educate them.

Treats with Purpose

Natural pet treats and chews boasting carefully chosen ingredients and nutritious formulas are leading the category.

International Waters: Heavyweight Support for the Aquarium Industry

Sizzle Sales with Frozen Foods

Retailers have had great success offering customers frozen aquarium diets, which offer a competitive advantage and attractive margins for local fish stores.

Small Mammal Diets Deliver on Health

Customers are increasingly attached to their small critters, and want variety and healthful options to keep their pets nourished and well fed.

Now Boarding

As more dogs join their owners on new adventures, demand for pet travel products has soared.

Consider Your Options

From clumping to nonclumping and natural to clay, retailers need to consider shoppers’ varying needs when determining which products to include in their cat litter set.
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