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May 2019

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In This Issue

Sizzling Stock: Supplements

New, Natural Ingredients Drive Sales

Sizzling Stock: Health Aids

Consumers Focus on Safety, Convenience

Sizzling Stock: Natural Dog & Cat Food

Natural Diets for Pets Reflect Human Diet Trends

Sizzling Stock: Herp Food

Category Sees Growing Demand, Sales

Sizzling Stock: Flea & Tick Control Products

More Pet Owners Want Natural Ingredients

Sizzling Stock: Dog Chews

Natural, U.S.-Made Chews Forge Ahead

Sizzling Stock: Professional Grooming

Spa Treatments On the Rise

Sizzling Stock: Dog Toys

Make Playtime Pay Time

Travel Trends Reveal What Dog Owners Need On the Go

Pet owners want safe, convenient and effect travel items that will make both short and extended trips easier and more enjoyable for all involved.

Sizzling Stock: Cat Treats

Quality and Functional Benefits Lead Cat Treat Trends

Sizzling Stock: Aquatic Food

Fish Food Sales Steadily Swim Ahead

Sizzling Stock: Cat Litter

Litters Lead to Solutions

International Waters: EU Releases Latest Potential Diversity Threats

A large team of researchers has created a list of 66 species that are expected to invade Europe within the next decade.

Demand Grows for Single-Ingredient Treats and Unique Body Part Chews

Industry insiders say novelty, durability and clean ingredient labels set treats and chews apart from the crowd.

Interest in Planted Tanks Increases

Some parts of the planted tank segment are seeing strong growth, especially where retailers offer specialty equipment, knowledge and a variety of livestock.

Why Natural Pet Foods Are No Longer Niche

The demand for natural pet diets is the new normal, as the industry sees continued expansion of food formats and formulas in the segment.

How to Make the Most of Dog Beds on Store Shelves

Dog owners who want to provide the best for their pets are highly selective about choosing beds for their furry companions.

Cat Owners Look for Stress-Free Litter Solutions

When it comes to cat litter, pet owners want effective solutions.

Sales of Small-Animal Diets Trend Up

Experts weigh in on how pet specialty retailers can make the most of the small-animal food category.

How The Quirky Pet in Vermont Embraces Its Independence

Knowledge, conversation and friendly good humor join an eclectic product mix to create a welcoming vibe at The Quirky Pet, PPN’s 2018-2019 Retailer of the Year Award winner for Independent Spirit.
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