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5 Pet Tech Companies Showcasing Their Wares at CES


Lesley Rohrbaugh, director of research for the Consumer Technology Association, presents tech trends to watch. CES 2020 runs now through Jan. 10 in Las Vegas.

Consumer Technology Association

Pet tech gurus and other tech savvy companies are in the midst of showcasing their products to more than 175,000 people who are attending CES, a global technology conference that kicked off Jan. 7 and runs through Jan. 10 in Las Vegas. CES 2020 features more than 4,400 exhibiting companies, including 1,200 startups, representing many facets of the technology sector, including pet health products, smart-driving cars, cryptocurrency, augmented and virtual reality, drones and artificial intelligence, just to name a few.

“The innovation on display this week at CES embodies the drive and passion that fuels our industry and furthers economic growth on a global scale,” said Gary Shapiro, president and CEO of the Consumer Technology Association (CTA), which owns and produces the show. “The entire tech ecosystem is here at CES 2020, and the products and technologies launching this week will inspire, connect and change lives for the better.”

Here’s a look at several pet product companies that CES attendees will discover:


SpotOn is showcasing its SpotOn Virtual Smart Fence, a mobile dog containment and tracking system. The product allows owners to set up a virtual containment area wherever they are—at home, at the beach or camping—but offers satellite tracking in the event that the dog leaves the area, company officials said. The collar can store up to 10 different perimeters.

The SpotOn system offers three training programs that are customizable based on capability and personality, and a network of trainers on hand for additional guidance, officials added.

The company has already been named a CES Innovation Award honoree. SpotOn Virtual Smart Fence was also named the 2019 Product of the Year in New Hampshire and rated the Best Virtual Fence by Wired.

The SpotOn Virtual Smart Fence is designed, developed and engineered by OnPoint Systems in Bedford, N.H.


iKuddle, a developer of pet-centric AI Internet of Things (AIoT) smart devices, is already known for its Auto-Pack Litter Box—it raised $1 million on Kickstarter—but the company is now striving to be recognized for its new smart pet products. iKuddle is launching its AI-powered iKuddle Water Fountain and iKuddle Auto Feeder as well as unveiling a health and diet-monitoring AIoT ecosystem.

iKuddle’s AIoT ecosystem offers a self-reliant system that monitors a cat’s health and adjusts its food or water intake accordingly, while also alerting owners to any drastic health changes that may need the attention of a veterinarian, according to officials. The system works by collecting a variety of health-related data points on the pet through its suite of smart home pet products including iKuddle’s automatic pet Water Fountain and Auto Feeder.

“In other words, your cat’s health data is collected by the kitty litter box, and iKuddle will adjust your pet’s food portions and hydration automatically,” officials said. “Just select your cat’s species, desired and current weight into the accompanying app and let iKuddle take care of the rest.”

The iKuddle Water Fountain features smart modes while the iKuddle Auto Feeder features an intelligent feeder and face-to-face camera. Both feature a compatible app.

“Following the success of the iKuddle Auto-Pack Litter Box with $1 million in support, iKuddle is the first to offer a fully connected ecosystem of AIoT-based smart pet devices with the launch of the iKuddle Water Fountain and iKuddle Auto Feeder at CES,” said Kevin Cai, founder and CEO of iKuddle, which is based in South El Monte, Calif. “While this is just the start, we’re excited to be expanding our vision for empowering pet owners to free up their time from mundane chores and issues associated with caring for a pet.”

Whistle Labs

Whistle Labs has a new product called Whistle Fit, which officials say serves as a preventative health care tool and utilizes its wellness program for dogs.

“Whistle Fit was created as an alternative option for pet owners who aren’t concerned with GPS tracking and solely focused on health and fitness monitoring,” officials said, noting its other pet wearables Whistle Go and Whistle Go Explore. “These smart, collar-worn devices capture information about a dog’s behavior around-the-clock, which owners can view through the Whistle mobile app.”

Whistle trackers are designed to help owners stay on top of their dog’s fitness with recommended daily activity goals based on breed, age and weight. Pet owners can see calories burned, distance traveled and the number of minutes active, according to officials.

“Whistle Fit collects over 50 samples of your pet’s movements every second, enabling our research team to look for hidden insights and discover never-before-seen patterns,” said Jordan Meyer, Whistle’s vice president of product. “As we uncover new connections between pet behavior, health and nutrition, we’ll update the Whistle app to provide new capabilities and features, and offer greater insight into your pet’s well-being.”The San Francisco-based company is also launching its new Nutrition feature. With more than 3,000 types of dog food in its database, Whistle calculates the total daily amount an owner should be feeding their dog based on age, breed, weight, activity level/calories burned and type of dog food, officials said.

Whistle Nutrition features will be available on Whistle Fit trackers, as well as Whistle Go and Whistle Go Explore trackers.


AutoPets officials say they are reimagining the automatic pet feeder the same way it transformed the litter box with Litter-Robot. The company’s new Feeder-Robot is a Wi-Fi enabled automatic pet feeder that offers pet owners multiple operating modes and customizable programming options for their pet’s mealtime needs.

The Feeder-Robot features scheduling software, allowing pet owners to monitor and control their pet’s feeding habits from their phone, according to officials. The product includes sensors that detect food backup, anti-jamming technology and an automatic gravity feeding option to keep a pet’s bowl full, officials said. If food isn’t dispensed, pet owners are alerted via the app or on the unit itself, officials added.

While the mobile app isn’t required to operate Feeder-Robot, those who do use the Connect app will have additional customizable programming options, officials noted.

“We wanted to give pet parents the absolute best automatic feeding solution possible, and I think we’ve done just that,” said Jacob Zuppke, chief operating officer at AutoPets in Auburn Hills, Mich. “The Feeder-Robot is simple to use, with or without the app, and you can have confidence that your pet will get the right amount of food on time, every time. We built the product that we wanted for ourselves and for our pets.”

Other features include: dishwasher-safe components, auto-locking hopper and tamper-resistant lid, BPA-free plastics and chew-resistant power cord.

Feeder-Robot works for multiple pets, including cats and dogs 35 pounds and under, with a capacity of 25 cups of dry or semi-moist kibble, according to officials.

Sure Petcare

Sure Petcare is featuring its latest pet technology products at this year’s show, including its Animo and Surefeed Microchip Pet Feeder Connect.

Animo is a dog behavior and activity tracker that “learns and interprets the unique behavior and activity patterns of dogs from sleeping and scratching to barking and more,” officials said. Owners can then follow their pet’s progress and set goals through the associated app. This gives owners a greater understanding of their pet’s health and well-being, officials added.

Surefeed Microchip Pet Feeder Connect is a connected feeder that is designed to help prevent pets stealing food from co-habiting pet’s bowls. The product also records the time and weight of food eaten.

“This information creates a detailed understanding of a pet’s feeding patterns through the Sure Petcare app, giving owners the opportunity to spot potential health issues if there are changes in their feeding habits,” officials said.

Sure Petcare was named CES Innovation Award honoree in the Smart Home category for its Surefeed Microchip Pet Feeder Connect.

“It’s extremely rewarding for the company to have been selected as an honoree in the CES 2020 Innovation Awards competition,” said David Hallas, DVM, managing director of Sure Petcare, which has headquarters in Cambridge, U.K. “With pets increasingly becoming an extension of the family, our products are giving owners unprecedented insights into their pets’ lives. Our technology can help spot shifts in behavior and activity over time, which may signal changes in a pet’s health and well-being.”


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