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6 Pet Tech Products Being Showcased at CES


PRNewsfoto/Wagz, Inc

“Smart” pet beds, pet activity trackers and robotic pet sitters are among several new products that pet product companies are launching at CES, a global technology show, which kicked off Jan. 9 in Las Vegas and runs through Jan. 12. 

An estimated 170,000-plus attendees, including industry leaders from the tech ecosystem and other business sectors from 150 countries, plus more than 7,000 members of the media, will walk the show floor to learn about the latest consumer technology products and services. 

The show features 3,900-plus exhibitors from all facets of the technology sector, including audio, vehicle technology, wireless, drones, augmented and virtual reality, 3-D printing, sensor tech and more—and a handful of pet product manufacturers are hoping to make a splash at the show. Here’s a look at the six pet product companies that CES attendees will discover: 


Litter-Robot based in Auburn Hills, Mich., introduced its Litter-Robot III Open Air with Connect, a Wi-Fi-enabled, automatic self-cleaning litterbox for cats. The Litter-Robot app lets cat owners control their settings from a device and receive notifications when it’s time to empty the waste drawer. 


After a successful Kickstarter campaign in 2017, Pebby is introducing its smart robotic pet sitter system to CES attendees. The systems allows pet owners to monitor, interact with and entertain their furry loved ones anytime, anywhere in the world. The product will start shipping late Q1 2018 and has a suggested retail price of $249.

At CES, Pebby is highlighting updates to the product and talking about its plans for introducing a complete pet care ecosystem in the coming year.

The Pebby ball, which can be remotely controlled via the Pebby companion app (for iOS and Android), houses a 1080p wide-angle video camera and four powerful lithium-ion batteries to empower pet owners to watch, interact with and capture their pet’s cutest, candid moments in real-time (live footage streams to the Pebby app).

Via its accurate 3-D control systems and dual independent suspension, the Pebby ball remains stabilized at all times. Made in a pet-friendly size (80mm in diameter), Pebby features an interchangeable/multidesign inner casing, built-in LED lights for “night vision” mode and LED glow rims. It also houses built-in speakers and a laser toy that is safe for humans and pets, according to the company.

Pebby also includes an array of entertainment functions accessible via the Pebby app. Users can set Pebby on auto play mode while they watch their pets play, or can take charge remotely and indulge in playtime with their pet(s). With the app, users can change LED colors and customize advanced settings like maximum speed and linear/angular acceleration. Users receive alerts on their smartphones whenever their pet starts playing with Pebby, or upon detection of barking sounds.

“Pebby is designed to receive software updates (a free service to all Pebby owners) that will improve the overall experience,” said Hansen Goh, co-founder and CEO of the Sunnyvale, Calif.-based company. “We will be upgrading Pebby wirelessly to introduce new features such as auto-navigating to the wireless charging kennel as well as auto play behaviors like Auto-Follow and Auto-Repel.”


San Francisco-based Petcube is demoing its pet detection technology, which uses artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning to recognize pets, trigger recording of pet selfie videos and initiate two-way video calls. The feature update will be rolled out to compatible Petcube Play and Petcube Bites devices on the latest firmware this spring.

With the upgrade, pets can phone their owners and send selfie videos; the clips can be made instantly shareable. Through machine learning, Petcube devices will be able to differentiate between pets versus humans, according to company officials.

Pets can initiate two-way livestream chats whenever they’re captured in front of the wide-angle camera. When a pet comes into view, the Petcube camera triggers the video recording. The clip is then pushed over the air as an app notification to the device owner. Owners will be able to preview the selfie clip and accept the video call request from their pet. They can choose to save the clip to their phone’s camera roll, or view it later via the Petcube App timeline.

The pet selfies will be temporarily auto-saved to the cloud, or saved up to three to 30 days based on an optional Petcube Care plan. Petcube device users can also instantly share clips via the Petcube App feed and to their preferred social networks.

This past year, Petcube integrated Facebook live and updated Petcube devices to be compatible with Amazon Alexa and Amazon Dash Replenishment Service. The company plans to roll out advancements in pet behavioral diagnostics later this year, helping pet owners take proactive actions when it comes to their pet’s health and wellness, officials said. 


​Petrics, a Wilmington, N.C.-based pet health technology company, is launching a Smart Pet Bed, Activity Tracker, and Pet Health and Nutrition App at CES. 

The Petrics Smart Pet Bed tracks a pet’s weight, rest and activity, and offers climate control, all of which help pet owners ensure that their furry friends are achieving the optimal weight ranges and temperature for breed, age and other important characteristics, according to the company. 

The bed includes a built-in scale and offers thermostatic heating and cooling, allowing the user to automatically or manually adjust to the ideal temperature for each pet based on breed, environment and geographic location. Manual adjustment can be done through the Petrics Health and Nutrition App or with commands to popular smart home products. The Petrics Smart Pet Bed is available in three sizes and features a washable and replaceable cover and durable, comfortable construction.

“Our mission is to empower every pet owner with access to nutritional and behavioral information, so they can provide the best possible care and comfort for their pets and help them live longer, healthier lives,” said Ed Hall, CEO of Petrics. “Our pet health ecosystem helps pet parents react quickly and effectively to their pet’s needs and, ultimately, saves lives through early detection and intervention.”

The Smart Pet Bed pairs with the company’s recently launched Petrics Activity Tracker, which tracks pets’ caloric burn rate, rest levels and other health metrics. The waterproof, wearable tracker syncs easily with any popular mobile phone and is one of the smallest collar communication devices on the market, according to company officials. It also features a four-month battery life, making it ideal for pets and pet owners by removing the need to charge it weekly like other trackers.

The Smart Pet Bed and Activity Tracker communicate with the Petrics Health and Nutrition App, creating a pet health ecosystem that allows pet owners to monitor and track pets’ health and nutrition data, get food and diet recommendations, and share findings with other family members, pet sitters and veterinarians. The app is like having a personal pet care assistant, making life easier for pet owners by setting critical reminders like veterinary appointments, when to administer or reorder pet medications, application dates for flea and tick prevention, and much more, officials added. It also sends out alerts for food recalls so pet owners can react quickly if they are impacted. 

The app serves as the control center for the Smart Pet Bed and Activity Tracker, providing access to activity data, and pet weight and rest periods, all while controlling the heating and cooling functions of the bed. This critical, real-time feedback helps pet owners catch health issues before they become more serious and costly, according to the company.


At CES 2018, PetWALK is presenting a fully connected high-end pet door, which can be controlled from anywhere via remote, mobile devices, web browsers or smart home devices. 

Configurable alerts keep the pet owner informed about important events, and a timeline informs them about what was going on during the day.

PetWALK’s modular and flexible hard- and software design allows the doors to be extended with components like external RFID readers, sensors and devices or cloud-based services. Offering an open API, the PetWALK door can also be integrated into any smart home service, which means PetWALK can always adapt to the latest technologies and the needs of the customers and their pets, said company officials.

During CES 2018, PetWALK is showcasing the use of cloud cams like the Nest Cam Outdoor, an intelligent video intercom with pet recognition, allowing users to monitor activity in front of the PetWALK pet door and either open it or activate the intruder alarm. 

PetWALK will demonstrate integration with Amazon’s Echo for voice control of the door and, in cooperation with the logistic company DPD, the use of the pet door as a secure intelligent parcel delivery station.


Wagz is launching its connected pet line at CES. The Hampton Falls, N.H.-based company offers a completely connected home for dogs that helps owners understand, manage and track their furry friend when they are home or away. The Wagz Connected Home for Dogs includes smart dog collars, feeders and doors that help ensure dogs are safe and healthy, company officials reported.

Wagz has built a team of veterinary experts, technologists, and dog lovers to design and launch a smart collar, smart feeder, smart door, and connected mobile app to help give unparalleled visibility into the health and safety of your dog and ease the burden of everyday tasks, company officials added.

“Today’s busy dog owner wants smarter ways to help them eliminate stress while delivering better care,” said Wagz’s CEO, Terry Anderton. “That’s why we invested [in] a robust family of products that work together to tackle the most-pressing dog care needs. Our collar has unprecedented technology—tracking everything from activity, barking, exercise, location and more—and our feeder and door ensure the right food is delivered at the right time, and that your dog has the freedom to enter and exit your home safely when you are home or at work.” 

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