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Lintbells Establishes National Dog Mobility Awareness Week


Rebecca Schönbrodt-Rühl from Pixabay

To help owners identify whether their dog is experiencing joint stiffness or mobility issues, Lintbells has launched National Dog Mobility Awareness Week, set for May 27-June 2.

Lintbells, a dog joint supplement company, is urging dog owners to ‘PAWS’ and check the four key areas where such changes could manifest.


  • (P)osture: Are there any changes in your dog’s body shape, muscle strength or simply in the way they walk?
  • (A)ttitude: Has your dog unexpectedly changed the way they react to you, your family or to other dogs?
  • (W)illingness: Is your dog still up for walks, games, bouncing in and out of the car and barking at every little thing?
  • (S)lowing down: Has your dog been slowing down lately, sooner than you hoped they might?

“We are very excited to launch National Dog Mobility Awareness Week as we understand that mobility plays a huge part in maintaining a good quality of life,” said John Howie, CEO and co-founder of Lintbells. “With the ‘PAWS’ system we hope to see pet owners become more confident to identify the signs of joint stiffness and loss of mobility to ensure they can take action before it impacts negatively on their pets’ physical and emotional well-being.”

Lintbells saw the need to bring awareness to dog mobility and joint stiffness after it conducted a poll of 2,000 dog owners and found that just one in five are completely confident they know what to look out for. More than one in 10 admitted they don’t have any idea, and 75 percent of dog owners believe their dog slowing down is nothing more than a sign of old age, according to the study.

To best educate dog owners on this issue, Lintbells has outlined the following signs a dog might be struggling with their mobility or joints:

  • A change in the way they walk or run, often slower, limping and/or head nodding as they walk or trot
  • Reluctance to jump up or down (e.g. into the car or onto the sofa)
  • Reluctant or significantly slower on a daily walk
  • Slow to get to their feet from rest
  • Repeated attempts/reluctance to lie down, often turning in circles
  • Avoid/nervous on slippery surfaces such as laminate floors
  • Difficulty on steps/stairs and slopes
  • Licking at their joints
  • Newly developed fear of loud noises
  • Unexplained changes in personality, generally more ‘grumpy’
  • More defensive towards other dogs
  • Loss of muscle mass around legs, shoulders or hips, may increase size elsewhere to compensate
  • Reduced desire to play games
  • A ‘hunched’ posture
  • Unexplained ‘pacing,’ often at night
  • Difficulty holding body position while going to the bathroom​

Lintbells, headquartered in the United Kingdom, launched its brand in the United States earlier this year.

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