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PPN's 2017 Editors’ Choice Award Winners: Aquatics and Exotics Categories


The pet industry is chockfull of passionate animal lovers who, in most instances, were driven by the love of their own pets to enter the market with a new product or service. In 2017, manufacturers introduced thousands of pet products and, in many cases, the passion behind the development and execution of those products—from vibrant toys to nutritious meals to easy cleanup products and beyond—shines through.

Every year, with our Editors’ Choice Awards, Pet Product News (PPN) aims to honor innovative products that help make the relationship between pets and people even stronger. This year, we combed through hundreds of product submissions from manufacturers in a variety of animal categories and selected more than 50 finalists, which were featured in our August 2017 issue. 

Since August, the PPN team and our group of trusted pet owners have been hard at work—and play—testing the finalists’ products to determine this year’s list of winners. After delving through the feedback of our pet-owning testers, we’ve selected 33 products as our top picks. 

We are presenting the winners in two parts online, beginning with the aquatics and exotics categories. The dog and cat category winners will be revealed Dec. 20.  


The Aquatics and Exotics category winners are: 


​Aqueon QuietFlow LED Pro Filters by Central Garden & Pet

Aqueon QuietFlow LED Pro Filters by Central Garden & Pet are hang-on-back filters that are equipped with a flashing LED cartridge change indicator. The LED cartridge change indicator will flash when a clogged cartridge causes the water level to rise. This signals the need for a cartridge change. In addition, all Aqueon QuietFlow Filters come equipped with a replaceable ammonia reducing Mini Pad and Biogrid Mini Pad Holder. Replacement Mini Pads are available in three varieties to help address specific water-quality challenges.   


Fluval Bug Bites from Hagen Group

​Fluval Bug Bites from Hagen Group are specially formulated to provide a natural insect-based diet like those found in the wild. The insect-larvae fish food features a high-quality protein source, is packed with nutritional benefits and is specially formulated for all fish. A shipper display is available.


Saki-Hikari Marine from Hikari Sales USA

​Saki-Hikari Marine from Hikari Sales USA is an advanced diet for marine fish featuring uniquely formulated ingredients that offer superior digestibility, increased digestive capacity, active waste decomposition, extremely high-feed efficiency, improved immune system support and noticeably better water quality. This technologically advanced diet includes the company’s proprietary Hikari Germ, and comes in Saki-Hikari Marine Carnivore and Saki-Hikari Marine Herbivore. 


Python Products’ Water Conditioner

Python Products’ Water Conditioner makes tap water safe by neutralizing chlorine and chloramine and detoxifying heavy metals. It contains aloe vera to help repair damaged fins and provides a layer of protection for fish. The Biological Supplement helps to enrich aquarium water and jump-start the aquarium cycle. It contains 300 million live bacteria per teaspoonful to enhance the growth of any biological filter and reduce ammonia buildup. The Biological Digester/Cleaner reduces the time and need for cleaning power filters, gravel and interior aquarium surfaces (decorations, etc.). It is an organic-waste digester that dissolves sludge, fish waste and slow-decaying matter (mulm) that can build up in an aquarium over time. 


Poop-D-Zolver by A&E Cage Co.

​Poop-D-Zolver by A&E Cage Co. simplifies the process of cleaning in and around a pet’s cage or home. Made in the USA, Poop-D-Zolver is made with a light lime-coconut scent that is safe for people and pets. It almost instantly removes bird waste by enzyme-producing nonpathogenic bacteria to naturally “digest” the poop in the cage/aviary and eliminate odors. It also works on carpets, upholstery and fabric. It can be used in and around the cages, on floors, on walls, on stainless steel, on aluminum, on glazed porcelain and on other surfaces in the home or aviary. Its ingredients include water, active natural enzymes, surfactant and an avian-safe fragrance.   


Zilla Pro Sol Light Fixtures by Central Garden & Pet

​Zilla Pro Sol light fixtures by Central Garden & Pet provide full coverage heat, UVA and UVB for a happy, healthy reptile. They feature multiple heat sockets, allowing for a 24-hour hot basking spot while creating a smooth heat gradient throughout the terrarium. They are available in a timed and nontimed version with individual control of day and night settings. The timed version includes a surface-mounted LCD screen with back-up battery, and the nontimed version includes two cord switches. They are fully customizable for tropical and desert species by using Zilla Mini Halogen and Zilla Mini Compact fluorescent bulbs (bulbs not included). Accessories clips included for overhead mounting. 


Critter Wrap by Greenfeather Bird Supply

Critter Wrap by Greenfeather Bird Supply offers a tasty encouragement of foraging fun for the critter companion pet—from the mouse and degu to guinea pig or rabbit. The corrugated board, which is nontoxic and uses nonanimal derived white glue, is wrapped around Oxbow timothy hay, sustainable grapevine and/or organic apple stix with a sprinkling mix of dried flowers, grasses and herbs. Pegged with paper stix and both colored and noncolored hardwood shapes. Colors will vary. The toy is handmade in the USA. 


Sunburst Break-A-Bale Hays by Higgins Premium Pet Foods

Sunburst Break-A-Bale Hays by Higgins Premium Pet Foods are an easy-to-feed, less-mess alternative to loose hay. Sunburst Break-A-Bale Hays are compressed into four pre-cut portions per 35-oz. package. Pet owners simply cut along the dotted line on the package, break off one of the pre-cut feeding portions and place it in their pet’s cage. It creates less mess and takes the guesswork out of portioning. Each portion lasts an average of two to three days, depending on the pet. Sunburst Break-A-Bale Hays encourage foraging, which promotes better dental health and overall well-being. Available in Timothy Hay and Orchard Grass, the North American hays are free of pesticides and preservatives. 


Oxbow Animal Health’s Garden Select

Oxbow Animal Health’s Garden Select features select, enriching garden ingredients and a variety of hand-selected hays to create aromatic, enticing recipes that deliver complete and balanced nutrition to promote wellness for every pet. The non-GMO Project verified formulas contain a blend of grass hays and novel, garden-inspired ingredients. They feature delectable aroma and flavor and are available in full species selections. 

To view the dog and cat category winners, click here

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