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November 2015

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In This Issue

Loyalty & Trust as a Sustainable Business Model

A values-driven business plan evolves into a profitable business strategy.

Feeding Veggies to Fish

Just as parents often tell their kids to eat their vegetables, the same is true for the fish we keep in glass boxes.

Fish's Paradise is Focused on Fish

This family-run business is a hidden gem for Florida aquarium keepers looking for quality livestock and sage advice.

Providers Now Offering 401k at Reduced Costs for Small Business

More technology-driven investment management providers are offering 401(k) plans—with an eye toward reducing costs for small businesses.

Fresh and Feline Clean

Building interest in the cat grooming products category might just be a matter of education.

Collar the Market

Pet owners demand safety, comfort and style in collars, leashes and harnesses for both cats and dogs.

Behind the Scenes: Python Products

Python aquarium-maintenance tools have gone from being carried in a few Midwest pet stores to being sold throughout the U.S., shipped to 23 other countries and sold online, but what the company is most proud of is its American roots.

Prime Time

With an ever-expanding array of high-quality dog foods to choose from, retailers and manufacturers discuss what it really means to offer premium pet food.

Naturally Nutritious

Small mammal foods, treats and supplements follow human health trends and focus on natural, complete and balanced offerings that don't skimp on the fun.

Busting SEO Myths

Search engine optimization information can be erroneous, confusing and just plain weird. Here's the real deal on what retailers should know in order to grow online.

Country of Origin

Products made in the USA are increasingly popular, but the trend might be regional.

ROTY: Feed to Full-Service

Centinela Feed and Pet Supplies started as a feed store in 1930s Los Angeles, but under the Nakagawa family it's grown into a thriving multi-location pet retailer with strong community ties.

Aquatic Outreach

Merchandising isn't a passive activity anymore, and retailers that stay active are growing their sales base.

Nanos & Kits From 2015

A look at prepackaged and smaller tanks.

Wrap It Up; They'll Take it

Aquarium kits are an ideal way to get customers started in the aquatic hobby, and they pose a win-win for customer and retailer alike.

International Waters: Orange Clownfish and Friends and the ESA

Food Facts, Nutrition Knowledge

Knowing your fish food and stocking the right mix of products can mean more sales.

How Safe Is Pet Food?

Several experts say it’s safer than ever.

Pet Food Avengers, Assemble!

Only by banding together with voices in unison can independent retailers let those that regulate pet food and its safety know where they stand.

Pet Product News November 2015

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