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November 2017

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In This Issue

Meals that Matter

Superfood ingredients and novel proteins offer pets potential health benefits as well as mealtime excitement.

Treats, Toys Tick Upward

Owner demand, manufacturer innovation and retailer merchandising combine to propel sales of small-animal toys, treats and chews.

Catering to Cats

Retailers can engage customers by letting them know that there are a lot of natural food options out there—at varying price points—and help them find selections tailored to their cats.

Functional Fare

New innovations in functional and specialty diets are keeping up with consumer demand and canine needs.

Basic Training

Toys that alleviate boredom are all the rage among pet owners that need extra help curbing bad behaviors and overcoming training challenges.

Purely Preened

Safety is top of mind for dog owners looking for high-quality grooming products.

Décor Delivers

Retailers can use decorations and ornaments to catch customers’ attention and drive livestock sales.

Retailer Roundtable: The Future of Fishkeeping

With concerns over the viability of the aquatics industry mounting, pet specialty retailers talk about what works for them, how to increase hobbyists’ interest and what types of products they’d like to see in the marketplace.

Marine Aquariums Drive Business

Though sometimes a loss leader, marine tanks open up options for sales and help build retailers’ customer base.

Manufacturer Roundtable: Water Proof

Product manufacturers reveal a mix of optimism and concern about the state of the aquatics industry, the current challenges it faces and where it’s headed.

Good Will Toward Pets and People

Manufacturers explain, in their own words, the ways in which they aid pets and people in need through various philanthropic efforts, in part two of our Paw It Forward feature.

A Higher Purpose

“Lucky Dog” host Brandon McMillan reflects on his life’s work and offers PPN a behind-the-scenes look at his mission to help dogs find purpose, family and home.

Give Them the Good Stuff

Pet owners have a long list of desirable attributes when it comes to treats and chews, and it’s up to retailers to curate a selection that is easy to navigate and meets these demands.

That Old Town Vibe

Pet Product News’ 2017-2018 Lifestyle and Boutique Retailer of the Year winner provides a distinctive, personal shopping experience in the heart of a historic Arizona neighborhood.
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