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Good Will Toward Pets and People

Manufacturers explain, in their own words, the ways in which they aid pets and people in need through various philanthropic efforts, in part two of our Paw It Forward feature.


Most things that pet product manufacturers—and almost all companies—do is in service of building their bottom line. After all, expenses need to be covered, payroll needs to be met and profits need to be generated.

However, few industries seem to demonstrate the level of sheer altruism seen in the pet industry. That’s why every year, in our Paw It Forward feature, we highlight the charitable efforts put forth by pet product companies across the nation.

These companies are in it for much more than profit. Where they see needs to be met, they step in through donations of product or money, and where they see the opportunity to help animals and people who could use a helping hand, they extend theirs. In fact, so many companies are doing amazing things for charity that we have made Paw It Forward into a two-part series this year. This is the second installment. 

The Company of Animals
Larry Cobb, CEO of the U.S. division
Davenport, Fla.

The Company of Animals has always been concerned about raising the status of dogs in rescues or in need of a new stable and loving home. Nowhere is this more apparent than in Asia, specifically in those countries where dogs are routinely stolen or “farmed” to be eaten.

In 2016, Dr. Roger Mugford, CEO of The Company of Animals, visited South Korea to examine the dire situation of dogs on meat farms. The dog-meat trade in this affluent country is completely unregulated by animal welfare or food hygiene laws, and the dogs do suffer most grievously.
In early 2017, in conjunction with the American Charity Humane Society International, nine dogs from a Korean dog meat farm were flown to the United Kingdom, and three have been selected to train as medical detection dogs.

Dr. Mugford was inspired by the prospect of bringing these Korean dogs to the United Kingdom to then be trained as medical detection dogs. This charitable organization uses dogs to detect early forms of cancer and other medical conditions in humans. These dogs have life-saving potential, and the charity has benefitted from substantial financial support from The Company of Animals ($25,000). This money was to fund an objective scientific review of the efficacy of companion dogs as diabetic “alert” animals.

The intention in this global effort, spear-headed by Dr. Mugford, is that dogs destined for an unkind death and to be eaten can, in fact, save human lives by virtue of their remarkable olfactory sense.
The Company of Animals depends on Asia for the manufacture of its high-quality dog training aids. Accordingly, it seems appropriate that raising the standard of care and understanding of dogs in Asia should be a high priority for both our Company of Animals, and, indeed, to others within the pet industry.

The Lazy Dog Cookie Co Inc.
Keith Augustine, vice president of sales
Ballston Spa, N.Y.

Those who choose to serve our country demonstrate honor, courage and commitment every day—sacrificing for the greater good. Military service commitments can sometimes leave brave men and women at an unfortunate crossroad. Whether it’s a deployment, PCS (permanent change of station) or training, military members face unique challenges as pet owners. Luckily, there is an organization that aims to help them.

Through a common love of dog and country, The Lazy Dog Cookie Co. Inc. is partnering with Dogs on Deployment, a national nonprofit providing vital assistance to military pet owners. Your purchase of healthful and delicious Operation Drool Overload treats will not only have your dog jumping for joy, but will also support an organization that provides the largest network of volunteer boarding homes and pet-related financial aid to U.S. military members.

TropiClean Pet Products
James Brandly, copywriter/public relations specialist
Wentzville, Mo.

Giving back is not simply the heart and passion behind TropiClean Pet Products—it’s the very reason the company exists. TropiClean Pet Products was started to help the poor, widowed, orphaned and needy all around the world. Founder Don Kassebaum Sr., later joined by his four sons, carried out this vision through an organization called Gifts of Love International. A generous portion of TropiClean’s revenue goes directly to supporting the poor, widowed and orphaned in countries like Guatemala, Haiti and beyond.

TropiClean’s passion doesn’t stop with one organization. TropiClean has supported the well-being and improvement of quality of pet life and companionship through programs like Landon’s Helping Paws and TropiClean First Impressions.

Landon’s Helping Paws is an organization near TropiClean’s headquarters that helps pair special-abled kids with service dogs in the area. Landon’s Helping Paws feels that any special-abled child who can benefit from a service dog should have the opportunity, and TropiClean does, too. 

TropiClean First Impressions officially launched in 2017. The program partners with animal shelters by providing products and resources for shelters to use on their adoptable pets. The goal is for the shelter to use TropiClean products prior to the adoptable pet meeting their potential pet parent.

You only get one chance at a first impression. We wanted to help create love at first sight the best way we know how. We’re hoping that our products can help support the shelters and provide the very best first impression for their adoptable pets.

Each year, TropiClean donates to more than 60 fundraisers, charities and special events in some capacity. TropiClean is honored to have the opportunity and ability to make a difference in this world, all to the glory of God.

Up Country Inc.
Donna Bodell, vice president
East Providence, R.I.

When we moved to our location about eight years ago, we couldn’t help but notice the parade of dogs that walked by every day. We quickly realized that this was serendipity at work, and we met with the shelter to discuss the best way for us to help them. Our RISPCA Give a Dog a Collar program was born! Over the past seven years, we have donated more than 600 sets of collars and leashes to newly adopted dogs from the RISPCA.

The goal of Dogs on Deployment (DOD) is to give military members peace of mind concerning their pets during their service commitments by providing them with the ability to find people and resources able to help them. We have donated dozens of Stars and Stripes collars and leashes for military dogs and funds to help DOD with its important mission.

The Potter League shelter holds a special place in our hearts because this is where our very own Minnie was adopted. Besides taking in over 2,000 needy animals every year, the Potter League offers pet training classes, educational outreach at schools and its Fetching Friends program. We donate funds and product every year.

Whisper Pet
Jimmy Caccamo, brand manager
Covington, Ky.

Whisper Pet is a social enterprise designed to create sustainable opportunities for pet rescues, shelters and charities. As a result, Whisper Pet developed Whisper Pet Cares. Our program has five components: 
• A portion of each purchase goes back to the pet rescue, shelter or charity chosen at purchase.
• Whisper Pet offers wholesale discounts to participating pet shelters, rescues and charities to use in their facilities.
• Whisper Pet offers special Pet Foster packages for pet fosters.
• Whisper Pet hosts special promotions and contests for our Pet Partners.
• Whisper Pet connects rescues, shelters and charities with retailers to instill stronger community ties and continued funding opportunities for pet partners.

The last contest generated $500 for our Pet Partner, 4 Paws For Ability. To date, we have partnered with more than 22 pet rescues, shelters and charities across the country, and counting. Specifically, in about eight weeks since working with 4 Paws For Ability, the organization has raised about $1,300 through Whisper Pet. Our focus is to alleviate the burden of financial worry pet nonprofits face as they strive to drive their mission of improving and sustaining animal well-being and/or finding pets their forever homes.

Wondercide Natural Products
Stephanie Boone, founder and CEO 
Austin, Texas

Wondercide has made donations to: 
• Neenah Animal Shelter
• Moolah U (We donated insect repellent and other items to all the campers this summer.)
• Restoration Ranch (The organization rescues horses via the Joyful Horse Project and rehabilitates them; this is the partnership with veterans who care for the horses, the land and each other.)
• Luna’s Legacy donation to APA dog Jackson
• Austin Lost & Found Pets Event Donation
• OutYouth Event donation
• Your Pet Wash event
• Donated dog treats to Sydney Leonard, an amazing kid who sends care packages to military dogs overseas
• About 20 animal rescue and wellness organizations throughout the U.S. 

Wondercide has donated time to:
• CASA of Central Texas
• Central Texas Food Bank
• Austin Animal Center
• Pflugerville Elementary School
• Colin’s Hope
• Meals on Wheels
• Girl’s Day at the University of Texas
• Barron Elementary (Field Day)
• Pitch-A-Kid
• Moolah U

World’s Best Cat Litter
Sarah Raffelt, senior account manager
Muscatine, Iowa

Most of us know that animal shelters could use extra food and blankets for their mostly volunteer-run programs, but did you know that many shelters are in great need of litter for their cats? Since 2010, World’s Best Cat Litter has dedicated itself to donating litter to the shelters that need it most, and it does so by empowering cat-loving fans to help make the donations happen—at no cost to them.

In 2017, World’s Best Cat Litter sought a way to inject new energy into its GiveLitter program, and to further engage current and potential new customers with the charitable initiative. To get cat lovers everywhere engaged with GiveLitter, the brand has partnered with five animal shelters around the U.S. and is asking consumers to vote online for their favorite shelter partner to receive a donation from World’s Best Cat Litter. There are four one-month rounds of voting set for 2017. Each shelter must receive at least 5,000 votes to get 5,000 pounds of litter, and the shelter with the most votes at the end of the month-long voting round wins an additional pot of litter that increases with each round.

To spread its message to fans, each of the five participating shelters and their adoptable cats are regularly highlighted on the World’s Best Cat Litter Facebook and Twitter pages, as well as on the website, givelitter.com, and World’s Best Cat Litter blog.

By tapping into the amazing stories that these shelters make happen every day and helping make its fans a part of it, World’s Best Cat Litter has generated much excitement and positivity around this campaign. Each participating shelter has exceeded its voting goal, and the brand has donated 57,000 pounds of litter already this year, closing in on donating more than 600,000 pounds of litter since GiveLitter began.

Worldwise Inc.
Sarah Stone, director of marketing
Novato, Calif.

Working in partnership with Dogs4Diabetics (D4D), a nonprofit organization that trains medical-alert assistance dogs to support insulin-dependent diabetics living relentlessly awesome lives in safety, Worldwise Inc. is proud to announce its sponsorship of a dog and diabetic team.

The dogs trained by Dogs4Diabetics use their incredible sense of smell to detect an imminent drop in blood sugar in their diabetic partner, even before it can be detected by any existing technology, and warn their handler of the chemical change before it becomes a serious medical issue. Parents of diabetic children, in particular, are greatly comforted by the fact that the dogs are on alert for changes in blood sugar when the child is away from home or sleeping.

The D4D medical-alert assistance dog that Worldwise sponsored was paired with Jake, a teenage boy who cannot feel when his blood glucose levels are running high or low, which often results in wild swings in blood glucose levels. His dog, Jacqueline, can detect these highs and lows about 20 minutes before they happen.

“Dogs4Diabetics estimates the direct cost associated with their dogs in training at $25,000,” said Christy Gillham, D4D’s director of development, “and that does not include the costs for the on-going support services provided to clients the working life of their dog. We are so grateful for partners that help us provide this care and help save lives.”

Other donations from Worldwise include: Give back on every purchase of the goDog RhinoPlay, monthly donations of SmartyKat and Petlinks to Oakland, Calif.-based Cat Town Café, and donations and support to ARF.

Jennifer Cao, vice president
Chino, Calif.

ZippyPaws launched its first toy of a series designed to benefit organizations that support dog and animal wellness, as well as conservation efforts. The first of the philanthropy line is Z-Stitch Camron the Camo Gator. The Camo alligator design evokes thoughts of veterans and their military and civilian working dogs—one of the various groups ZippyPaws hopes to benefit with the help of its customers and supporters.

The company announced a collaborative partnership with Mission K9 Rescue to promote the importance of supporting military working dogs and contract working dogs of the United States. Mission K9 Rescue’s goal is to rescue, reunite, re-home, rehabilitate and repair any retired working dog that has served mankind in some capacity.

There are so many important causes we’d like to support. We feel very strongly for our military troops (both humans and canines) and feel the majority of them don’t receive the help that they need once their mission and/or duties are over, and we want to change that. The level of sacrifice that these dogs have made for our country is unimaginable. We want to be part of the effort in getting these dogs home safely and allowing them to live a normal and happy life. Dogs don’t need much to be happy, but these MWD and CWDs do need our help to get them back home in a safe atmosphere where they can live peacefully for the rest of their lives.

ZippyPaws will donate $1 for every Camo Gator purchased to Mission K9 Rescue. 

To read part one of PPN's annual Paw it Forward story, which was featured in the October 2017 issue, click here

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