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November 2019

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In This Issue

The Trends Inspiring Dog Toy Innovations

Customer feedback is helping dog toy manufacturers with the development of new category innovations.

Treats, Chews and Toys to Keep Small Animals Occupied

Customers are focused on enrichment and engagement with their small animals, and treats, toys and chews facilitate their interests.

Diverse Options Are Key for Pet Training and Behavior Solutions

In a category with no one-size-fits-all solutions, manufacturers and retailers aim to cast a wide net with their training and behavior offerings so consumers can find the products that work for them.

Grooming Wipes Reign in Between-Bath Category

Products that offer dog owners a way to freshen up their pup or provide solutions to common skin and coat ailments in between baths are gaining traction.

Dental Care Pet Products Vary in Format

Pet owners’ growing awareness of dental health means they’re being proactive about their pets’ oral care and seeking products to help between cleanings.

CBD for Pets: 8 Common Questions Answered

Pet industry insiders tackle typical retailer questions about cannabidiol (CBD) pet products, bringing some clarity to a newer category in which rampant inaccuracies can abound.

How Retailers Can Support Hobbyists With Aquarium Maintenance Products

Offering customers education and advanced products that make aquarium keeping easier are important for success in the aquatics segment.

These Factors Are Driving Sales of Premium Dry Cat Food

Cat owners want high-quality kibble that promotes optimal health.

The Secrets to Pet Food Depot's Long-Term Success in Arizona

PPN’s 2019-2020 Long-term Retail Success Retailer of the Year Award winner is all about family values, community involvement and changing with the times.

These Trends are Influencing CBD Pet Products

Industry insiders report that trust, further research and convenience will steer the cannabidiol (CBD) category as the U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA) talks hemp regulations.

26 Pet Product Manufacturers Report on Their Charitable Efforts

Paw It Forward, Pet Product News’ annual feature on the charitable efforts in the industry, highlights how product manufacturers are contributing and supporting pets, people and organizations in worthwhile and significant ways.
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