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Q4 FOCUS: Supplements

With consumers focusing on their pets’ health and longevity, the supplements category is growing.


Carrie Brenner / PET SUPPLY

The pet supplement market continues to grow and benefit from peoples’ commitment to wholesome lives for themselves and their pets. Consumers also better understand how supplements can help keep them and their pets healthier.

“With this trend, we are seeing a strong desire for supplements that are helpful for specific issues, but also combine convenience,” said Heidi Nevala, founder and president of Natura Petz in Minneapolis.

At Pioneer Pet Feed & Supply in Seattle, owner David Bovard said he sees and hears more talk about plant-based, bioavailable raw nutrition, including in supplements. He’s also noticing more companies taking human supplement products and highlighting on the packaging that they also are for animals.

Pet Naturals of Vermont redesigned its packaging this year by adding images of real dogs and cats, said Sara J. Phillips, strategic brand manager for FoodScience Corp., maker of the Pet Naturals of Vermont brand, in Essex Junction, Vt.

While everyone agrees that health is an important topic year-round, insiders report that the extra traveling and dietary changes that often occur during the holiday season mean an uptick in the need for calming, skin care, and probiotic and other digestive formulations during the fourth quarter.

“We recently launched our Starter Pack collection … designed to help address the common issues pets face (Anxiety, Cleanse & Detox, Digestion, Immunity, Skin & Coat, Stone Breaker, Urinary Tract Infections, Wounds & Hot Spots) while also helping to build up their body system’s overall health,” Nevala said.

The company also just released Travel Well as part of its Millennial’s Collection to help calm busy pets and owners who are on the go, Nevala added.

Another calming option comes from Pet Naturals of Vermont, which upgraded its Calming products for dogs and cats to feature higher milligram levels.

Bovard said he stocks extra calming collars, treats and chews during the fourth quarter because he goes through them so quickly.

“Anything that says ‘calming’ resonates with customers, so I specifically stock them during that time of year,” he said.

Starter and multipacks can provide a way to get pet owners turned on to supplements.

For retailers savvy enough to take advantage of customer enthusiasm for new beginnings with the new year, starter and multipacks can provide a way to get pet owners turned on to supplements.

In July, In Clover launched its Feline 4 Pack and Canine Combo Pack of “three to four supplements power-packed with therapeutic levels of active ingredients,” said Courtney Taylor, director of customer care and marketing for the Boulder, Colo., manufacturer.

Healthy Dogma now offers a 6-ounce size of its K9 Mobility powdered supplement for joint health.

“Customers might be hesitant to try a more expensive 8-ounce, so the 6-ounce gets them seeing how the product works,” said Tom Peters, president and CEO of the Lake Orion, Mich.-based manufacturer.

Garmon Corp. offers NaturVet healthful supplements. They taste like a treat, which makes supplementing easy. The company offers a complete line of tablets, powders, soft chews and liquids for healthy and happy pets. Attractive new packaging is proudly manufactured in the USA. naturvet.com

W.F. Young offers NuPath, a natural supplement for dogs. The product contains Pure-Ease, a proprietary pumpkin puree blend, and is fortified with supplements. One pouch of the product contains two weeks’ worth of beneficial treating, and the resealable package offers ongoing freshness. Formulas include Hip & Joint, Calming, Skin & Coat and Digestion. The product comes with a spoon for proper dosage and easy administration. nupathpet.com

Vibrant Pets presents its Optimal Health Dog Supplement. The formula very rapidly boosts a dog’s immune system with a proprietary blend of probiotics, digestive enzymes, vitamins and minerals, fatty and amino acids, and a blend of natural ingredients for joint and muscle support, the company reports. The product is available in a 480-serving 48-oz. size, a 160-serving 16-oz. size and an 80-serving 8-oz. size. vibrantpets.com

Kauffman’s Animal Health’s Prescription Fibo is a mixed dietary fiber supplement that exhibits the properties of both insoluble (bulk forming) and soluble (water holding capacity, fermentation, gel formation) fractions. It contains prebiotic short-chain fructooligosaccharide and live probiotic gut-friendly bacteria Lactobacillus sp. and Bifidobacterium sp. The all-natural product is gluten free and is palatable to dogs. ka-hi.com

Nekton USA’S Nekton-Cat-VM Feline Vitamin and Mineral Supplement contains not only all of the mineral elements a cat needs, but also essential vitamins, the company states. It should be applied daily to moist, protein-rich cat food to maintain a pet’s health under general conditions, the company adds. nekton.net 

This article originally appeared in the October 2015 issue of Pet Product News.

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