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October 2016

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In This Issue

Illuminating Future Sales

LEDs and integration are leading the way for aquatic retailers seeing growth in the lighting category.

Profiting in Perch and Play

Natural materials and invigorating colors stimulate birds, owners and sales in the avian perch and playgym market.

Cream of the Crop

Customers are buying better-quality cat foods to provide increased moisture, protein content and health benefits to their feline family members.

A Rare Find

This pair of San Diego stores specializes in exotic, hard-to-find freshwater fish, drawing in hobbyists from all over the Southwestern U.S.

Need-to-Know Basis

As more pet owners express interest in a raw diet, the need for education is expanding.

Time for Dogs to Come Clean

Offer an assortment of grooming products to keep customers’ dogs looking and smelling their best.

The Promise of Premium Pet Food

With more and more products entering the pet food space, retailers help consumers discover high-quality diets that stand out from the crowd.

Pet Projects: The Pet Industry ‘Paws It Forward’

From donating to animal rescue organizations, supporting pet foster programs and sponsoring skilled police dogs to educating children about animals and employing disabled adults, many pet product manufacturers and other pet industry businesses make sure to give back generously.

The Happiest Pet Place On Earth

Pet Things, winner of Pet Product News' Retailer of the Year Award for community service and outreach, champions the Douglasville, Ga., pet community through adoption events, fostering homeless animals, pet food and supply donations to the local shelter, and much more.

Opportunities in Brand Stabling Durable Pet Products

20 Years of Pet Love

Scott Whipple and John Gordon of Canidae Pet Food Co. worked together in the pet industry for years before starting their own pet food company tailored to meet the needs of consumers and retailers.

Dog Owners Are Chewsy Customers

Today’s consumers have a demanding set of standards when they shop for chews, which means retailers should stay on top of the category by offering ample selection, eye-catching displays and product knowledge.

How Pet Retailers Can Save Money on Store Rent

Hiring a seasoned tenant representative for lease negotiations can prove advantageous for your store’s bottom line.

Brexit Implications for the Pet and Aquatic Industries

The decision could affect the pet and ornamental aquatic industries significantly, with the extent depending on what transpires over the coming months.
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