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October 2018

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In This Issue

See Profits Fly High

Stocking up on bird treats and toys that appeal to today’s bird owners can do wonders for sales.

Livestock Lifeline

Live fish and coral sales are pivotal for independent pet retailer success.

Shining a Spotlight on Safety

Offering reflective gear and light-up collars, leashes and harnesses can help keep dogs and their owners safe during outdoor adventures.

Encouragement with Strings Attached

Indonesia is taking measures to manage and conserve the Banggai cardinal fish and ensure that it can continue to be a part of the trade.

Trading on Dietary Expertise

Fish food offerings aren’t as simple as they once were, and customers are increasingly interested in providing their fish with a nutritionally balanced diet.

Serving the Country

Manufacturers champion the importance of American-made products and explain why giving back is important.

Keep Calm

Thanks to innovative manufacturers, owners of anxious pets now have a bevy of soothing products to choose from.

Supplemental Support

As dog owners gain a better understanding of how supplements and essential oils help their pets, demand for these products grows.

Something to Bark About

Pet Product News’ 2018-2019 Social Steward Retailer of the Year winner offers a place where pet owners can swap stories over a cup of coffee or a bottle of doggie beer.

Solutions Sell

Success in the litter category hinges on meeting a variety of consumer needs.

Natural Appetite

Industry insiders attribute steady growth of natural dog diets to novel ingredients, brand differentiation and educated customers.

Contemporary Sells

LEDs with programmable lighting options score big with hobbyists looking to customize their aquarium environments.
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