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Pet Product News October 2014

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In This Issue

Why Mudskippers Deserve Their Own Aquariums

Calling All Dogs Charity Dog Walk Raises Money For Sick Kids

Pet owners and their dogs came together for a good cause as part of the first-ever Calling All Dogs charity dog walk, which raised money for the Ronald McDonald House in Philadelphia.

Pet Food Industry Expected To Grow To $33 Billion By 2018 On Strength Of Premium Foods

Overall, pet food sales are down, with kibble-style dog food seeing the biggest decline. However, premium and super-premium foods and treats are making gains.

Purina Invests In Australia

Since 2011, Nestlé Purina Petcare of Australia has spent about $80 million on Blayney’s pet food operations, which first opened in 1989.

Ergonomics Enters The Pet Realm

The ergonomic pet bowl seems to solve a lot of problems associated with eating from a standard one-size-fits-all feeding dish.

Aquatic Marketplace: Get Them Hooked

Product Merchandiser Focus: Water Wise

Aquatic Marketplace: Fresh For Fish

International Waters: The Lionfish Saga Continues

Aquatic Marketplace: You Build It, They Buy It

Pet Product News November 2014

Professional Grooming Marketplace: A Cut Above

Professional Grooming Marketplace: Sound Investments

Natural Marketplace: Sleep (Re)Cycle

Exotics Marketplace: A Bed To Burrow In

Dog Marketplace: SOS-Selling Owners On Supplements

Dog Marketplace: Eat Well And Prosper

Dog Marketplace: Creature Comforts For Seniors

Behind The Scenes: Casting A Wide Net

Counter Points: Ring In Holiday Sales

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