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September 2015

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In This Issue

’Tis the Season for Shopping

With the holidays just around the corner, get ready to deck your store with gift-able merchandise and winter-themed displays to pull in pet owners.

Choosing the Right Chew

Consumers look for a lot in a natural dog chew, scrutinizing provenance and quality of ingredients to find the best product for their pet.

Grooming and the Potential for Disaster

I spend a lot of time thinking about the unthinkable. If you offer grooming services, you should, too.

Behind the Scenes: Himalayan Corp.

It all started with a rescue dog and a bag of traditional Nepali cheese.

The Pet Place to Be

Pussy & Pooch Pethouse and Pawbar, at the frontline of modern eclectic style, is perfect for trendsetting pet owners looking for the ultimate shopping experience.

A New Natural Lifestyle

As more and more consumers follow the natural trend when purchasing their own food, they search for holistic, high-quality ingredients in their pets’ food too.

Behind the Scenes: With Clear Eyes

Lisa Burns developed Eye Envy to combat her cats’ tear stains and branched out to the world of dogs, building a successful brand and company along the way.

Play Is Serious Business

Manufacturers take pet owners’ demands to heart when designing dog toys.

Gnawing On New Chew Trends

Knowing the market for small mammal add-ons can make the difference for sales success.

Forward Movement

While the market isn’t being flooded with new flake fish foods, these diets constantly are being improved by manufacturers to ensure a healthy environment and offer the best nutrition for fish.

Bowled Over

Dog owners expect so much more than a basic dish.

Pet Product News September 2015

Natural Pet News Fall 2015

Make Them Fall in Love

Create the emotional bond with customers that keeps them coming back.

Natural Cat Litters Earn Customers' Trust

Today’s formulations form tighter clumps and control more odors, earning repeat business.

International Waters

First-ever joint public and home aquarium venture makes a promising start.

From Drip to Dry

Professional grooming manufacturers demonstrate the value they place on pet and groomer safety through the increasing quality and ingenuity of equipment essentials, such as tubs, tables and dryers.

Where Vintage Meets Nutrition

A retailer in Seattle’s historic Pioneer Square mixes funky products (think Star Trek-themed pet gear) with premium food and treats.

Make It a Superpremium

Manufacturers now offer foods that rival the quality of what pet owners put on their own plates, and often, getting consumers to buy these premium products is a matter of education.

The Meat of the Matter

When it comes to natural treats and nutrition, retailers must use accurate terms, clear misconceptions and explain the basic principles of this category in order to properly educate customers.
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