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How to Get the Attention of Eco-Conscious Pet Owners

Pet products made with locally-sourced ingredients, recycled materials, or through sustainable manufacturing processes are now more popular than ever.

The trend for natural, organic and eco-friendly (NOEF) pet products mirrors human market trends, which include the increased concern for the environment and safety, and the desire to know what's in the products we consume. These trends have continued to grow and evolve in the human market, indicating that the popularity of NOEF products in the pet industry will only continue to increase in coming years.  

A Packaged Facts report, Natural, Organic, and Eco-Friendly Pet Products in the U.S., tracks the progress of the movement. It highlights how 'green' products have transitioned from specialty to mass-market goods. Today, the vast majority of medium-sized and major pet market players carry NOEF pet products, which wasn't always the case. Just 10 years ago, these kinds of products made up only a minor subsection of the market and were generally stocked by small specialty outlets.  

Packaged Facts breaks down the classification of NOEF products into two broad categories: pet food and pet care products. The trend for high-quality pet foods manufactured with 'green' principals in mind is hard to miss. In most stores now, the pet food ranges to include product lines that advertise the superior quality and health benefits of their ingredients, with customers often willing to pay a premium for pet foods with labels such as “grain-free,” “human-grade” and “organic.”

As the range of innovative 'green' products continues to diversify, the classification of NOEF pet care products, which covers all non-food pet supplies, is of particular interest. So, what kinds of businesses are thriving in this growing market? Here are a few examples:

Cycle Dog

Cycle Dog bills itself as an "Earth friendly pet company." It is certainly a business that's taken a unique and innovative approach to sustainability and eco-friendly practices. The company's signature product is a rubber-backed collar made with reclaimed bicycle inner tubes. Cycle Dog's range of products has now grown to include 'green' beds, toys, travel bowls and accessories.

Healthy Pet  

Healthy Pet is a great example of a pet business dedicated to eco-friendly products and sustainable practices. The company produces pet litter and bedding, and places its 'green' ethos at the heart of its operations. The entire process of sourcing, manufacturing, delivery and product performance is designed to reduce the impact of Healthy Pet products on the planet, according to company officials.

West Paw Design  

West Paw Design is a pet business that strives to make a difference. The company produce a range of eco-friendly pet toys and beds made only from sustainable materials. The 'green' culture of the business runs through all aspects of its operation, from the materials and manufacturing processes used, to the environmentally-conscious design of its premises, and the company’s dedication to recycling and reducing waste.  

These examples of 'green' pet businesses show that innovation and integrity are drivers of success in the NOEF pet care products market. As consumers become more discerning, they are seeking out pet companies who not only produce 'green' products, but also share their values and concerns on issues such as the environment and product safety.  

For new companies looking to break into this market, it's important to effectively communicate these values in a way that resonates with consumers and builds trust. Successful companies have found ways to focus their marketing messages to line up with their culture and values, positioning them to stand out from their competitors and build a loyal customer base.  

Richard Rowlands is a writer and marketer for the pet industry, and a keen pet enthusiast. He works with pet businesses to improve their marketing and increase profits. To find out more, please visit his website.     

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