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Stellar Selection: 6 Questions With Reef To Rift Aquarium Store

With cleanliness and fish health top of mind, Reef To Rift keeps customers coming back for its service, supplies and livestock.

Jennifer Kimmel, owner of Reef To Rift Aquarium Store in Hatfield, Pa., reveals her strategy for promoting the hobby and how the store will increase its customer base in the coming year. 

Pet Product News: What are the top-selling products and/or livestock in your store right now?  

Jennifer Kimmel: Livestock favorites include African cichlids, coral frags, freshwater nano fish, aquatic plants and bettas. In dry goods, favorites are Seachem Tidal Filters and NorthFin pellet foods.

PPN: What are your favorite products and/or livestock right now?  

JK: For livestock: exotic plecos, freshwater nano fish and African cichlids. For dry goods: AquaClear filters, Kessil lighting and Reef Octopus protein skimmers. 

PPN: What trends have you been keeping your eye on most closely?

JK: Nano fish and planted aquariums. Planted aquariums, along with smaller-sized fish for nano aquariums, are increasing in popularity due to advances in lighting and filtration.

PPN: What is your best tip for turning first-time fishkeepers into repeat customers?

JK: Being factual and honest with relaying information to the customers.

PPN: What business challenge are you currently in the process of tackling?

JK: We find ourselves correcting a vast amount of misinformation that customers come in with, mainly from the internet. It does consume employee time, but it’s necessary for long-term success in this hobby.

PPN: What business goal are you hoping to achieve this year?

JK: By sticking to our formula of maintaining a clean store, offering healthy fish and inverts, and sound information, we hope to continue to increase our client base for years to come.

Reef To Rift Aquarium Store At a Glance

Years in business: 1

Type of business: brick-and-mortar

Get an inside look at Reef To Rift Aquarium Store in our gallery below.

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