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9:38 AM   April 27, 2015
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Editors' Choice Awards 2006/2007

Congratulations to the recipients of this year’s Editors’ Choice awards. Our editorial team reviewed and tested hundreds of products in the past year and chose 23 out of the thousands on the market. Decisions like this are never easy, but in the end, it came down to originality, visual appeal and effectiveness. Take a look at what we liked.

The Ancient Mariner Inc.
The APGV-400 Commercial Aquarium Cleaning Machine is a heavy-duty machine designed for daily use in commercial systems. According to the company, the system works faster than competitive products and makes everyone an aquarium-cleaning expert. It caught our attention because it can help fish retailers simplify their store display-tank maintenance.

(408) 441-0570

Bill Irwin, left, and Fred Getsinger captured the award for The Ancient Mariner’s Commercial Aquarium Cleaning Machine.

Brake-fast LLC
The Brake-fast bowl is designed to keep dogs from gulping their food. Three simple obstructions make dogs slow down to eat, preventing Gastric Dilatation-Volvulus (bloat), according to the company. One of our freelance writers tested the product and was thrilled to find her dog eating considerably slower.

(757) 339-5703

Jennifer and Michael Kitchen accept the Editors’ Choice award for their company’s Brake-Fast bowl.


The Quick Control line includes the Quick Control Collar plus Built-in Leash, harness plus Built-in Leash and Leash plus Seat Belt Buckle. The line is designed for easy and convenient control for dogs that need to be quickly restrained for times such as when a stranger comes to the door. One editor was delighted that her dog could ride safely in her convertible with the top down while using the Seat Belt Buckle.

(877) 224-PETS

Amy Ostete and Andy Keimach accept the plaque for Bamboo’s Quick Control line of leashes and harnesses.

Dogmatic Products Inc.
The SnackShotz Dog Treat Launcher is an interactive toy for dogs. The launcher is easy to load and is designed to shoot treats over 10 feet, encouraging dogs to exercise, according to the company. Our product testers Angel and Lucky loved the game of catching and chasing the flying treats.

(866) 463-6462

Ren Moulton, Dogmatic president, is surrounded by Kathy Drybread, left, Linda Kossman and Jack Drasner of PRISM to show off the Treat Launcher for dogs, one of the Editors’ Choice award      

Kuddle Kots
Kuddle Kots chiropractic pet bedding is designed to be easily accessible to senior and arthritic pets. We liked the fact that one side is lowered so animals do not have to step up to climb into bed. Bedding is available in different colors to match with home décor and the chiropractic design comes in breed-specific sizes. This senior-specific bed is unique because it provides not only comfort, but also convenience for the pet.
(888) 358-3353

Terrie Eichholz displays the Editors’ Choice award for Kuddle Kots.

Hyper Products

The Doggie Driver is designed to pick up and throw a tennis ball up to 100 yards, and it swings like a normal golf club, according to the company. It is ideal for training, exercise and fun. The interactive aspect of this product is appealing, and the fact that the user does not have to handle a slobbery tennis ball is a bonus.

(866) 476-5614

Betsy and Ward Myers captured the Editors’ Choice award for Hyper Products’ Doggie Driver.

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