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8:33 PM   April 27, 2015
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2007 Editor's Choice Awards
Congratulations to the recipients of this year’s Editors’ Choice awards. Our BowTie magazine editorial memebers reviewed and tested all the products that were submitted for consideration. We chose 30 out of the hundreds that were submitted. Decisions like this are never easy. It came down to originality, visual appearance and effectiveness.

The Shark Infinity with Pet Care System, featuring cyclonic technology, a Lifetime washable Clean Air HEPA filtration system and various attachments, is a vacuum designed for superior pet-hair pickup without loss of suction—ever. Our tester, who has a longhaired cat that “sheds like crazy,” likes that the vacuum is easy to assemble and clean, and that is comes with a storage bag (unheard of with many vacuums) for its tools and accessories. And the best part is, according to our tester, it actually does what it claims to: it never loses suction and gets rid of even the stubborn hair that won’t let go of the carpet fibers. 

Bird on the Rocks
The Flagstone Perch is designed to keep a bird’s nails and beak trimmed. It also gives an aviary or cage a natural look because that’s exactly what it is: natural! Our tester, who has a Senegal, loves this product. “It’s unique because most perches are made of rope or wood,” she says. “The rock platform offers more versatility when arranging my bird’s cage. It’s easier to clean, too. Hot water and a scrub brush is all it takes.” Five sizes are available, as well as corner-mount and cage-top-mount models. Each perch comes with two large washers and a wing nut for the threaded studs that are cemented into the perch. The cement used is nontoxic, according to the company.

Pet Human Designs

Formerly known as Ribbons & Bow-wows, this company gets two thumbs up from us for its PupCentric E.B.D. Carry-all. The beauty of this product is that it is functional as well as stylish. In addition to a plethora of pockets for a poop-bag dispenser, blanket, hand-sanitation canister, cell phone or Mp3 player, veterinary records and more, it has a temporary leash lock and comes with two bowls, a blanket and a freezable gel pack. Our tester can’t believe how roomy it is. “It all fits so nicely,” she says. “No stuffing or cramming or forcing things in. There’s a place for everything.”

(678) 810-1042

The Sleepypod is a mobile pet bed designed to provide a dog or cat with a den-like retreat at home and on the go. Most cats dread seeing the carrier come out of the closet, but our tester, who has a cat with a preference for cozy quarters, found that with a carrier that doubles as a bed, the transition is exceptionally simple. “She’s already in it, so I just grab her and go and she doesn’t even know the difference,” she says. We especially like the unique design, which features an adjustable dome top that allows for a pet’s privacy or uninhibited viewing of its environment, and which makes securing it to the car seat of a vehicle a breeze. A warmer, sold separately, is also available.

(877) 7-MEOWME

The Dog Food Scoop ’n Lid is a multifunctional kitchen tool designed to allow pet owners to scoop out wet food and keep remaining food fresh. Our tester can’t understand why someone didn’t think of this sooner. “It’s a natural,” she says. “No more looking for a spoon and putting the can in a plastic bag, or—worse yet—sticking it in the fridge without covering it so it’s dried out the next time you grab it.” We like that it eliminates the risk of mixing household utensils and the spread of germs, and saves pet owners the time of having to waste or wash twice.

MiracleCorp Products

The QuickFinder Nail Clipper is designed to help owners of dogs, cats, birds and small animals avoid cutting the quick, capillaries and nerve bundles. A sensor lets the user know when it’s safe (green light) and not safe (red light) to clip, and when to use caution (yellow light). Our tester, who used the clipper to trim the nails of his guinea pig and one of his dogs, was especially excited that he could clip black nails with confidence. “Normally the clipping experience is a bloodbath,” he says. “Not this time.”

(800) 635-2044

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2007 Editor's Choice Awards

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