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9:50 AM   May 03, 2015
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Editors' Choice Awards 2009 Continued

Fresh Licks Eco-Disposable Pet Bowls are 100-percent biodegradable, the manufacturer reports. Made with a material born from sugarcane stalks, they’re great for kennels, dog spas and veterinary offices, as well as dog owners who appreciate the convenience these bowls offer during travel and outings. We especially like how durable these bowls are. No flimsy, soggy grossness here!


Glo-Marr Products Inc.

Barktini Blends shampoos and cologne spritzers are fun, fun, fun, with a splash of charm. Have a tester bottle available; customers may not be able to resist taking a whiff of such cocktail-themed fragrances as Margarita Mutt, Piña Colada Pooch, Daquiri Dog and Cosmopolitan Canine. Trust us, they smell fantastic. And here’s a bonus: The spritzer doubles as an air freshener. Yes, they smell that good.



HBD International Inc.

Harrison’s Bird Bread Mix proves feeding a pet bird can involve more than pouring pellets into a bowl. This bake-at-home bread packs a healthful punch—it is USDA Certified Organic—and has a variety of uses: for changing a bird’s diet, as a foraging reward or as a means to administer medication, according to the company. “This was fun and relatively easy to make,” said our reviewer, who owns a nanday conure and cockatiel. “I like that the bag is resealable and that you can portion it out.”



Hugx Ltd.

The Hugx Pet Feeding Bowl demonstrates the importance of a bowl’s angle and depth. The curved shape and positioning on the stand allows gravity to assist in the bowl “hugging” the floor. Food falls back into the bowl and not on the floor. Metal tags don’t clang against it. Pets wearing Elizabethan recovery collars can eat or drink unimpeded. This feeder is just full of perks that may go unnoticed until tried. It’s pretty darn cute, too!


Jolly Pets Inc.

The Road Refresher Bowl can help pet parents breathe easier when Fido takes a car or boat trip with them. Velcro fasteners that go on the bottom of the 54-oz. bowl keep it in semi-permanent place. The bowl’s three separate pieces also create a monitored floating-water-release system designed to control the amount of water a dog can drink at one time. “It is simple and ingenious,” our evaluator said. “A bonus is that the top ring leaves about a 4-and-1⁄2-inch opening through which the dog can easily get water, and this works superbly for keeping my cocker spaniel's ears dry.”



Kegel LLC

Fizzion Concentrated Cleaner is a new pet stain and odor remover that uses the fizzing power of CO2 in a patented formula to unlock and lift away both new and set-in stains while killing odor-causing bacteria. We tried it out on cat urine, the toughest of stains/odors, and it worked beautifully.



Lauren International

The patent-pending Nurtured Pets Anti-Lick Strip Prevent combines all-natural, 100-percent safe ingredients (such as cayenne pepper) and a peel-and-stick medical-grade adhesive to create a bandage that can be easily applied to a pet’s hair—no shaving, no fuss and no licking, biting or chewing.



The Lazy Dog Cookie Co.

The Happy Birthday Pup-PIE gives dogs and their owners a reason to celebrate—birthday or not. The company reports the soft-baked treat is wheat- and corn-free; made with organic ingredients; and contains real freeze-dried fruit, nut and veggie toppings. Better yet, dogs love it. When our evaluator gave the frosting-covered pie to her bulldog, Lola, the dog licked the frosting off the mid-section of the pie, got her first taste of the cookie part, then promptly ran away to savor the treat all by herself.



Lucky Litter LLC

The Brilliant Pet FroliCat Bolt takes cats’ love of lasers to a whole new level. It is a laser toy that can be used automatically or manually. Owners can set a 15-minute timed play session in automatic mode or create their own laser patterns in manual mode, according to the company. The toy also has an adjustable mirror for aiming the laser across a variety of spaces. The result is a product that combines fun and innovation.



The Original Magnascapes Inc.

The company’s line of 3-D magnetic ornaments for aquariums and reptile habitats is convenience at its best. The ornaments, which attach to the back and sides of a habitat, enhance the appearance of a pet’s environment and give the pet more areas to play and hide in. They also allow hobbyists to clean or remodel the habitat more easily. A word to the wise: These magnets are strong!

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Editors' Choice Awards 2009 Continued

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I LOVE my Hugx bowl..... or rather, my Aussie does! It IS perfect for him, 'specially now that he's getting older. Looks sharp too. EVERYONE comments on it when they come into my house!
Cindy, Atlanta, GA
Posted: 8/21/2009 8:36:27 AM
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