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12:49 AM   April 26, 2015
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Editors' Choice Awards 2009 Continued


The OurPet’s Co.

The Flappy Dog Toys line boasts fetch-and-retrieve toys in Tuffy, Fluffy, Floatie, Flossy and Fleecie textures. The company designed the products with dangling ends that flap freely as the dog carries the toys, simulating the canine hunting experience. We were impressed by their durability and how quickly the dog testers took to them. One of our reviewers said her husky “chased them around, tried to tear them apart (with no luck), and picked them out of her other toys.” After two weeks with the Flossy, the dog hadn’t lost interest in the toy or destroyed it.



PetZen Products

The HitchN Leash is, in a word, handy. The wrap-and-clip dog-restraint system is ideal for any multitasking outdoor enthusiast or urban pet owner—or those who are simply fed up with the hassle of traditional tethering. It easily wraps around any object and clips into the large carabiner handle to allow hands-free control. “Never again will I bother unleashing, releashing, wrapping, rewrapping, untangling, etc.,” our evaluator said. “And I love that you can adjust the length to give more control or more freedom. Has no one really thought of this before?”


Pinta International LLC

With so much inventory vying for shelf space, it’s no wonder so many retailers find themselves filling special orders. New Age Pet has addressed the issue of space constraint with scale-model versions of its eCo-Concepts doghouses. The models represent the appearance of the bunkhouse and rustic lodge styles, and can be assembled and disassembled in the same manner as the real thing. We’re impressed that a company recognized a retailer’s need to effectively demonstrate and merchandise—without the volume.



Reef One Inc.

The aquariums in the biOrb Life Collection feature sleek designs with rounded corners and solid-color cast acrylic. Our evaluator, who has had one of the aquariums in her cubicle for more than five months, frequently receives compliments from passers-by about its fun, unique look. Each aquarium also has a slim-line Intelligent LED Light that provides an automatic 24-hour lighting cycle, according to the manufacturer. The product is available in three sizes and colors.


Stella & Chewy’s

Feeding raw diets isn’t as complicated as some make it out to be, and Stella & Chewy’s freeze-dried dinners are evidence of this. The beef, chicken, lamb and Duck Duck Goose patties provide all the convenience of a conventional dry food, and then some! “I love the flexibility of this feeding program,” said the owner of a Labrador retriever named Halle. “Sometimes I add water, sometimes I just give as is. Sometimes I give as a meal and other times as a treat.” This is a fabulous product for those who want raw without the freezer.



Super Pet

The CritterTrail Treat Zone Habitat happily brings us back to the days when we watched gum spiral down gumball machines and into our eagerly awaiting hands. The habitat’s treat dispenser features a similar accessory. According to the company, small-pet owners fill the dispenser’s cap, release the treat and hear the bell chime. The treat spirals down the track and the pet runs to retrieve it. How creative!


Talk To Me Pet Products LLC

Talk To Me Treats Greeting Cards pack the one-two punch of innovation and great taste. We loved the creativity behind the cards for dogs, which come filled with 0.7 oz. of Talk To Me Treats Fresh Breath and Dental Care and are geared for a variety of special occasions, including birthdays, Halloween and Christmas. Our Yorkshire Terrier and Border Terrier testers also begged for more treats after receiving them, and their owner noticed an improvement in their breath after they finished eating.



TowerStar Pets LLC

The Neater Feeder pet feeding system comes in small and large sizes to accommodate all cats and dogs. This easy-to-assemble and -clean product is designed to reduce mess and damage to areas in the home around where pets eat with its protective walls and unique filtering system that separates spilled food from spilled water. The optional leg extensions that come with the product are a great feature, since increased feeding height is shown to benefit dogs’ digestion and joint health, according to the manufacturer.



Veterinary Ventures Inc.

The Drinkwell 360 features the same free-flowing water stream and filtration technology as the original fountain. However, the 360 can be set up to dispense up to five stream flows, making it perfect for a multi-pet household. It is also very easy to clean and refill.



Vetscience LLC

At nine calories a pop, the pumpkin-based Fruitables treats give dog owners the satisfaction that they’re feeding their pets a healthful snack. Made with all-natural and selected organic ingredients, according to the company, the treats appealed to our dog testers and have a cute flower shape. Both the treats and the company’s Pumpkin & Cinnamon Dry Food Mixer come in attractive packaging, too.


Weiss Organics Inc.

Algae Magic is a 100-percent organic algae inhibitor that works by eliminating the food sources for annoying algae blooms. The formula’s algae-reducing cycle begins taking noticeable affect in just 48 hours. Numerous saltwater-tank owners gave the solution rave reviews, citing both its quick action and organic ingredients.




The Wellness CORE family of higher-protein, grain-free pet foods includes a canned formula for dogs that our Chow Chow evaluator loved. “Lacey is incredibly picky,” her owner said. “She typically takes very small bites, spits out the food and walks away. If I’m lucky, she’ll decide she likes the food and return to eat it.” Lacey’s verdict? “She inhaled it!” We like the packaging, too. It’s very cutting-edge.

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Editors' Choice Awards 2009 Continued

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