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11:31 AM   April 27, 2015
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Scotts Expands Wild Bird Suet Recall

Posted: Friday, March 20, 2009, 5:41 p.m., EDT

Recalled Morning Song SuetThe Scotts Co. LLC of Marysville, Ohio, expanded on March 20 its voluntary wild bird food suet recall to include five additional varieties and additional manufacturing date codes (from May 13, 2008 to Feb. 8, 2009)  from its initial recall in mid-February.

The newly recalled products may contain peanut meal from the Peanut Corp. of America’s facilities in Texas or Virginia and could be contaminated with Salmonella, Scotts reported. The initial recall focuses on products with peanut mill from the PCA’s Georgia plant.

As a result of the recall, Scotts said it has severed its relationship with the broker that supplied the peanut mill and has filed a lawsuit against the broker.

The Scotts Co. reported that it has still received no reports of illness, but people handling contaminated birdseed could become infected with Salmonella, especially if they do not wash their hands thoroughly after handling the products.

The company requested that retailers and distributors remove recalled products from their shelves and warehouses and return them to The Scotts Co.

The Scotts Co. also asked those parties to advise their consumers about the risk and tell them to discard affected products and wash their hands thoroughly.

Consumers can contact The Scotts Co. at 866-512-8876 or here to arrange for replacement products or refunds.

Newly recalled products are:

  • Morning Song Raisin Crunch Suet; UPC# 0-86155-20600-9; manufacturing date codes 05-13-08, 05-21-08, 05-28-08 and 02-05-09.
  • Morning Song Variety 3 Pack Suet; UPC# 0-86155-22388-4; manufacturing date code 05-22-08.
  • Morning Song Woodpecker Suet; UPC# 0-86155-22304-4; manufacturing date codes 01-13-09 and 01-19-09.
  • Scotts Multi-Bird Suet w/Fruits & Nuts; UPC# 0-86155-22813-1; manufacturing date code 05-13-08.
  • Scotts Woodpecker Suet; UPC# 0-86155-22810-0; manufacturing date codes 11-20-08 and 11-21-08.
  • Royal Wing Woodpecker Suet; UPC# 7-49394-00332-6; manufacturing date codes 11-13-08 and 11-19-08.
  • Royal Wing Peanut Suet; UPC# 7-49394-00333-3; manufacturing date codes 08-05-08, 11-05-08, 11-18-08, 11-21-08, 01-28-09 and 02-05-09.
  • Morning Melodies Nutty Safari Suet; UPC# 8-86155-22147-7; manufacturing date code 08-05-08.

Previously recalled products with newly recalled manufacturing codes are:

  • Morning Song Nutty Safari Suet (11 oz.); UPC # 0-86155-01110-8; manufacturing date codes 12-01-08. 12-03-08,  12-27-08, 12-29-08, 12-30-08, 01-17-09, 01-23-09 and 02-05-09.
  • Morning Song Variety 15 Pack Suet (multi-pack with 15 suets and a suet feeder); UPC # 0-86155-22291-7; manufacturing date codes 08-04-08, 08-06-08, 08-07-08, 08-08-08, 08-12-08, 10-17-08, 10-21-08, 12-27-08, 12-29-08, 01-05-09, 01-09-09, 01-12-09, 01-13-09, 01-16-09 and 01-17-09.
  • Royal Wing Raisin Suet (11.75 oz.); UPC # 7-49394-00336-4; manufacturing date codes 05-14-08, 01-05-09, 01-07-09, 02-05-09 and 02-08-09.
  • Morning Melodies Variety Suet 3 CT (33.75 oz.); UPC # 0-86155-22124-8; manufacturing date codes 11-10-08, 12-01-08, 12-12-08, 12-29-08, 01-07-00 and 01-08-09.

The other previously recalled product is:

  • Morning Song Woodpecker Suet 3 Pack (1.78 pounds); UPC # 0-86155-22348-8; manufacturing date code 01-12-09.

The Scotts Co. estimated that the entire recall affected less than $500,000 of revenue (about .5 percent of its roughly $100 million birdfood business).

It is still exploring legal recourse against PCA and its insurers to recoup recall costs.

Parent ScottsMiracle-Gro expects to generate sales of more than $3 billion in 2009. <HOME>

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Scotts Expands Wild Bird Suet Recall

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