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11:41 PM   April 27, 2015
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Exciting New Pet Products

Pet Product News International’s annual Sizzling Stock will appear in the July 2009 issue. As a preview to our upcoming print edition, here is a sneak preview of products that have yet to be released to the public.  Be sure to check out these new and exciting products, making their first appearance exclusively on Learn about new cat food, cat litter, retractable leashes and more.

The Fetchi
End leash pulling for good! A nano-carbon steel spring at the core of this retractable leash brings a dog back at the touch of a button.

The ergonomically designed case, made of tough-but-light polymer, is comfortable to hold and easy to carry. This product is especially suited to the elderly or young dog-walker who lacks the strength to control a large dog. With the Fetchi, says the company, any dog will return to its owner's side in seconds.


Wild Side Cat Food
The best food for a cat is what the cat would eat naturally. With that in mind, Nature's Cat launches the first three flavors of its new line, Wild Side. According to the company, these holistic, fiber-rich foods provide all the vitamins, minerals and trace elements necessary to keep a cat as healthy and happy as nature intended.

Mouse Menu is 3.5 ounces of fresh, whole mice, raised on organic grains and vegetables and canned in delicious gravy your cat will love. 

Sparrow Supreme is for finicky cats who are tired of chicken. Now they can choose from light or dark meat, or just go for the whole, tasty bird, all in a sauce lightly touched with catnip. Gourmet Goldfish is a colorful and delicious blend of mixed whole goldfish, packed in a clear jelly.

Early palatability test results indicate this line will be a winner with the cats.


Hush-a-Bird Cage Topper
Parrot owners know how noisy their birds can be. Hush-a-Bird uses parabolic microphone technology to lower the noise level by reflecting the sound waves toward the floor.

The Hush-a-Bird can be suspended from the ceiling or attached to a playpen top, with equally good results. The parabolic curve of the canopy captures sound waves and directs them downward, for dramatic noise reduction. According to the company, it is possible to hold a conversation at normal levels in a room with a parrot as loud as an umbrella cockatoo.

The Hush-a-Bird is available in four sizes and is particularly effective with smaller birds such as Nandays, Goffin's cockatoos and cockatiels, according to the company.


Schroedinger's Cat Litter Box
The Schroedinger's Cat litter box harnesses quantum physics research to make the cleaning chore easier than ever. Simply assemble the box and lid, fill the box with your choice of litter and attach the opaque cat flap. 

There are no moving parts to break, no rolling or scooping. Once the flap is in position, the inside of the box is completely hidden.

Patent is still pending on the quantum mechanism, but the company says the litter will never need to be changed, provided nobody looks into the box. 

For best results, the company suggests the use of Heisenberg's Clumping Litter.


Heisenberg's Clumping Cat Litter
The same company that developed the Schroedinger's Cat litter box has formulated this long-lasting litter. "It's so odor-free we're never sure if the cat has used it," a company spokesperson said.

Patent is still pending, but the company reports a combination of quantum principles and nanotechnology is the basis for the formula.

In-house tests have shown that a single Schroedinger's Cat litter box of Heisenberg's litter can last for several years without needing to be changed.


Moebius Hamster Ball Track
With no inside, outside, top or bottom, the Moebius Hamster Track is the ultimate spacesaver. Instead of tripping over a hamster ball underfoot or having a hamster track spread over the living-room floor; simply hang the Moebius Track from a hook in the ceiling.

According to the company, no top or bottom means the hamster ball simply can't fall off, no matter where it is on the track! Exercise your hamster and entertain your kids, and even adults, for hours as they try to figure out how it works.

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Exciting New Pet Products

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