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10:46 PM   April 25, 2015
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HSUS Enters Pet Food Market With ‘Humane Choice’
Posted: Wednesday, February 3, 2010, 6:04 p.m., EST

HSUS Enters Pet Food Market With ‘Humane Choice’The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) has entered the pet food market with the launch of its Humane Choice dog food. The non-profit organization is marketing the product as a cruelty-free, all-natural dog food that does not contain animal-based proteins or support the factory farming industry.

“Americans are concerned about the food we eat, and it just makes sense that we’d be concerned about the food we provide to our pets,” said Wayne Pacelle, president and CEO of the HSUS. “Humane Choice is a nutritious, environmentally friendly and ethically responsible food for our best friends. Every bag of Humane Choice helps us celebrate the pets we love, and provides us with additional resources to help animals through our programs.”

HSUS is targeting pet supply and natural grocer channels. The product is currently available at, select Whole Foods grocery stores in New York and New Jersey and independent pet supply stores throughout the U.S. HSUS anticipates more Petco and Whole Foods locations to carry Humane Choice in the spring.

HSUS will receive 6 percent of the wholesale price of each 6.6-pound bag sold. The organization plans to use the funds to support programs that provide spaying and neutering and other veterinary care for animals, to rescue animals from natural disasters and cruelty cases, and to conduct undercover investigations of animal abuse.

Humane Choice is produced by a certified organic grower and manufacturer in Uruguay, according to HSUS. <HOME>

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HSUS Enters Pet Food Market With ‘Humane Choice’

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Reader Comments
Humane pet food is a great idea. I just hope that it is feasible financially for the average pet owner.
Vivian, Maricopa, AZ
Posted: 8/12/2010 5:04:08 PM
I am pleased to see that the HSUS is trying to find a humane solution to feeding pets. I would like to believe that dogs and cats can live on vegetables and grains, but in my experience, they know better. Please find a way to create a food that includes high quality protein from humane sources (no factory farming and more fish). This has been done with Pets Choice brand that was carried at Whole Foods, but just stopped producing its product. I would pay any price for this option to be returned to us.
Michelle, Little Rock, AR
Posted: 3/9/2010 11:34:59 AM
A dog is indeed a carnivore (of the facultative type), or it wouldn't be in the order Carnivora. Period. If dogs were meant to only consume vegetables that's what they'd eat en masse naturally and clearly they don't. I'll keep my dogs on a meat based grainless diet, thanks
Ryder, Baltimore, MD
Posted: 3/1/2010 3:00:44 PM
Dogs thrive well on a vegan diet and are NOT carnivores.
With the proper balance of nutrition, it doesn't matter what the source is (plant or animal). My cats have been on a plant based diet for years and are very healthy. If you look at what is put into commercial pet foods (i.e. euthanized cats and dogs, antibiotics and hormones from meat), it isn't hard to deem a veg diet as a good option. I encourage everyone to do the research.
Wendy, Albany, NY
Posted: 2/19/2010 9:12:04 PM
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