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4:46 PM   April 18, 2015
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Texas Tops in Pet Adoptions for Petsmart Charities

Posted: August 13, 2013, 9:00 a.m. EDT

By Clay Jackson

Petsmart Charities tallied all the dog and cat adoptions among its more than 2,000 shelter and rescue partners nationwide from January 1 and June 23. Texas had the most, at 20,983.

"Twenty thousand is a really successful number in six months, so we just wanted to highlight these states,” said a spokesperson for Petsmart Charities.

The rest of the top 10 and the number of adoptions for each:
• California: 18,593
• Florida: 13,437
• Arizona: 12,081
• Georgia: 8,806
• North Carolina: 8,260
• Virginia: 7,886
• Ohio: 6,915
• Indiana: 6,551
• Pennsylvania: 6,495
More than 200,000 dogs and cats were adopted in the first half of 2013 through Petsmart Charities and its adoption partners.

The Phoenix-based charity reports that it saw a correlation between the states with the highest number of adoptions and the highest number of adoption partners.

Petsmart Charities adoptions are up in 2013. Shutterstock

Wyoming, for example, which has no Petsmart Charities partners, predictably, had no adoptions.

But there were some pleasant surprises, too.

Arizona had the fourth highest adoption total, even though it doesn’t have the fourth highest number of adoption partners.

One reason for Texas’ top-dog status in pet adoptions might be the recent openings of two Petsmart Everyday Adoption Centers in the Forth Worth area.

There are 13 of these centers nationwide; Texas has three.

"These adoption centers provide space to house adoptable dogs and cats 24 hours a day,” notes the Petsmart website. "This frees up space at local shelters and provides greater exposure of adoptable pets to the public.”

Visit to see where the remainder of states ranked. <HOME>


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Texas Tops in Pet Adoptions for Petsmart Charities

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