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2:15 PM   April 25, 2015
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All-in-one Doghouse Coming in 2015

Posted: Oct. 14, 2013, 4:10 p.m. EDT

A doghouse equipped with an automated waste-removal system and other technological bells and whistles is set for release in 2015 as it enters the final stage of research and development.

Hong Kong Tesla Technology Ltd., the inventor of T-Pai, was awarded U.S. patent 8,544,418, the Chinese company reported Saturday.

Among the selling points of the apparatus, which is shaped like a double-decker bus, is a toilet room that releases a liquid scent designed to attract a dog that has the urge to urinate or defecate. The system sterilizes and flushes the waste when excrement is detected, and a warning is issued if a leak or blockage occurs.

T-Pai is designed as a smart home for small dogs.
T-Pai accommodates small dogs and is designed for in-home use, especially in urban areas where pets may be left indoors for long periods.

"For residents living in crowded cities, treatment of dog excrement [often] restricts dogkeeping or reduces dogkeeping enjoyment,” the patent application stated.

As cities worldwide roll out self-cleaning toilets for public use, the inventor duo of Wei Jiang and Hailong Qin foresee their doghouse along streets where dogs now "stroll ... and defecate randomly.”

"The intelligent doghouse can also be taken as a public toilet for dogs in cities,” they noted.

T-Pai is packed with other features designed to appeal to pet owners:

• An automated feeding system in which dog owners may select meal times and the amount of food dispensed. The settings also may be controlled from a smartphone or tablet computer.
• A water bowl that automatically refills when the level is low.

• Enough capacity for a one-week supply of food and water, "leaving dog owners carefree while they are away from home,” the company reported.

• A "health management system” that records a dog’s eating habits and growth, "providing reports and suggestion[s] to ensure dogs’ owners are aware of the health status of their dogs.”

• A thermostatic bed.

• The ability to grant access to the doghouse only during certain times.

• A camera and monitor that allow owners to communicate with their dog and watch to "ensure the dog is not messing around at home.”

• Pet Station, which offers "touch games, learning programs [and] music videos ... so that dogs can have company and learn while the owner is away.”

If the doghouse and necessary sewer connections sound expensive, they probably are. Hong Kong Tesla Technology has not slapped a price tag on the invention but expects to first launch T-Pai in North America and China.


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All-in-one Doghouse Coming in 2015

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