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2:19 AM   April 26, 2015
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Animal Food Services

With Animal Food Services' natural raw food diets, pet owners can improve their pet's health.  

By: Leila Lotfi

Animal Food Services' fresh-frozen "Majestic Raw" pet patties

There’s no price when it comes to improving the health of a pet says Shari Chappell, chief executive officer of Animal Food Services.

“Dogs and cats can live 18 plus years if they have the proper nutrition,” she says.

The mission behind AFS was to develop a complete and balanced diet that made animals healthy and actually improve their health.

“Our products build the immune system rather than drain it” says Chappell. “We don’t substitute and we don’t use fillers.”

Gerry Nash, founder of AFS, has worked in the raw pet food industry for 47 years.  It was his initial curiosity that led to a passion, and then his investigation into the development of more natural pet foods.  Nash’s continued ambition to create a healthier pet food led to his formation of raw meat products in 1975.

Nearly 40 years later, this Green Bay, Wisc.-based manufacturer continues to specialize in frozen and freeze-dried foods, primarily for domesticated canines and felines, but also  for ferrets and exotic zoo animals, including birds of prey.

Fresh-frozen chicken and beef nibblets.

Pet patties are AFS’ most popular frozen and/or freeze-dried food. A 12-pack of 8-ounce patties is available for all breeds.

“We’re simulating nature, so our food is for all ages,” says Chappell.

AFS diets are composed of beef, vital organ meats, tripe and finely ground meaty bones.  All ingredients originate from free-range cattle and retired dairy cows slaughtered in USDA regulated and inspected meat-packing plants.

More than 60 percent of animals nationwide are in serious need of better nutrition and less toxin and allergy-inducing ingredients, says Chappell.

“Without the proper nutrition, animals will require more vet care, supplements, oils and shampoos.”

Chappell says most problems that result in taking an animal to the vet are symptoms of malnutrition or allergies.

“It’s the protein from real meat and organ meats that gives [carnivores] all the nutrition they need.”

The selection of frozen or freeze-dried food is based on a pet owner’s lifestyle preference and/or the preference of the pet. Frozen food needs freezer space but is lower in cost, and freeze-dried food travels well but is more costly to process.

“While our products may seem pricey at first glance, when compared to processed kibbles and canned foods, the fresh high quality of our pet foods reduces health worries and veterinarian costs throughout the life of a pet,” says Chappell.

Animal Food Services At A Glance:

President: Gerry Nash

Location: Green Bay, Wis.

Flagship Product: Pet Patties – the original meat diet 

No. of Years in Business: Since 1975

Web address:

AFS’ newest product line, Nature’s Advantage, will be released in January 2008. This high-protein, low-carbohydrate select beef formula preserves and delivers nature’s essential ingredients all within a thumbnail-size nibblet. Nature’s Advantage nibblets can be served as a supplement, performance reward or as a meal.

“It’s a complete and balanced food diet in a treat size,” says Chappell.

With more than 30 years of experience, AFS has strived to prove a well-balanced raw meat diet is preventive medicine, and that a raw meat diet produces natural weight management, a trim muscular body and smaller stools with little to no odor.

“It’s a no worry, health improving food and treat for your pets.”  <HOME> 

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I fed ASF to my miniature Schnauzer. She lived a very healthy 22 years!
Christine, San Antonio, TX
Posted: 1/2/2015 9:02:20 PM
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