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11:05 PM   April 18, 2015
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A diet designed by nature for healthy dogs and cats.
By Leila Lotfi

All ingredients in Bravo products are human-grade quality and made from fresh ingredients.
Quality, simplicity and choice are the heart of Bravo products. All ingredients are human-grade quality and made from fresh ingredients as Bravo believes the less added to meat, the better.

“We’re a very simple product line,” says David Bogner, president of Bravo. “While other product lines mix proteins, we don’t. Turkey is all turkey and beef is all beef.”

Bravo, based in Vernon, Conn., originated in 2002 after ideas for natural pet food were raised.  Six years later, Bravo has become one of the top three and fastest-growing raw diet companies in the country. 

“One thing just led to another and I got involved in the pet industry,” says Bogner. “We now offer a full array of different proteins for pets.”

According to Bravo, there are four main groups of good raw diet:

  • Fresh, raw meat
  • Some uncooked bone
  • Some raw organ meats
  • Some green vegetation

Bravo! At a Glance

President/founder: David Bogner

Location: Vernon, CT

Flagship product: Bravo Raw Diet

No. years in business: 6 (Feb. 2002)
No. of employees: 34


“It’s the simplicity of our formula that makes it great,” says Priscilla Fraiegari, publicist for Bravo. “We offer the largest selection of products with more than 128 different SKU’s.”

The mission of Bravo raw diets is to return pets to their natural form of nutrition, as if they had hunted and caught their own dinner. So while chicken and turkey are the most popular types of protein, Bravo offers exotic meats, including ostrich, quail, rabbit and elk.

As Bravo prides itself on the simplicity of its products, all products fall into one of four categories:

  • Bravo! Blends – contain meat, bone, organ meat and vegetables
  • Bravo! Basics – contain just plain meat and bone, or meat and bone with organ meat
  • Bravo! Boneless – contains pure meat without any other ingredients
  • Bravo! Bonus Bites – freeze-dried and dry-roasted all-natural treats

“All products in the Bravo line can be purchased for dogs or cats,” says Fraiegari.  “Cats are basically meat-driven and dogs go for meat and vegetable.”

Bravo provides a purity in its products for folks looking for high-quality food for their companions. In fact, employees travel as far as Australia and New Zealand to buy hormone-free, grass-fed lamb, beef and venison.

“People know what they’re getting when they purchase Bravo products,” says Fraiegari. “We offer the purest of the pure of the pure.” <HOME>


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