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5:02 PM   April 19, 2015
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Canine Caviar

Giving pets the nutritional balance they need to live a long, healthy life.
By Leila Lotfi

Canine Caviar, based in Costa Mesa, Calif., provides allergen-free food, free of chemical preservatives and animal-by products, promoting a longer and healthier life for pets.

“Canine Caviar started as a home delivery business and has grown into what it is today,” says Nannette Ferrell, director of marketing.

Jeff Baker, chief executive officer and founder of Canine Caviar decided to create a holistic pet food line when his Great Dane, Moguls, was always sick. Using his background in nutrition and pharmaceutical medicine, Baker formulated Canine Caviar in 1996 after the meals he prepared for Moguls. His dog lived to be 17 years old, the oldest living male Great Dane on record.

The first formula/diet developed by Canine Caviar was the Chicken & Pearl Millet Adult formula, which was the first diet made for Moguls.

“I can open one can of food and feed it to a cat, a dog and a meat-eating reptile,” says Ferrell, who owns six dogs and a miniature pig.

One of Canine Caviar's newest products, Fish Stix, offering 100 percent meat.
Although all Canine Caviar products imply the food is only for dogs, products are available for all animals.

“Over the years as we’ve had people send in pictures of their pets, we’ve seen ferrets, birds, pigs and meat-eating fish in addition to dogs and cats,” says Ferrell. “All my dogs and my pig are on the diet.” 

People are fully aware of the capability of Canine Caviar products says Ferrell.

“We have canned beaver and venison tripe, which to my knowledge, no one else offers.”

One million pounds of beaver are killed each year by Fish & Game. Canine Caviar processes the beaver in USDA facilities and provides 100 percent digestible canned beaver at more than 1300 calories per can.

In addition to its products, Canine Caviar prides itself on excellent customer service.

“As a company, we answer everything personally and try to help people understand,” says Ferrell. “I have several customers I speak with on a daily basis.”

Canine Caviar At a Glance

CEO/Founder – Jeff Baker

Location – Costa Mesa, Calif.

Flagship product - Chicken & Pearl Millet Adult Formula

Employees – 15

Number of years in business – 12 years

Website –

Canine Caviar offers several new products: Synergy is a dehydrated vegetable and fruit mix for rabbits, small animals and birds; Doggie Biscotti treats, made of peanut butter, rice flour, whole oats, dried milk, flaxseed and molasses; and Fish Stix, made with the dehydrated tail of a skate, offering 100 percent meat and an excellent source of chrondroitin. Fish Stix treats can last for more than an hour.

Future products include sweet potato stix and adjustments to the duck formula. Sweet potato stix are becoming a huge pet industry trend says Ferrell.

“It’s another one of those treats that dogs, as well as other animals, love.”

Canine Caviar doesn’t add any vitamins or minerals to its canned food, using only lamb, chicken and pearl millet to provide the nutritional balance pets need to live a long, healthy life.

“I think everybody that works for Canine Caviar does it for the dog,” says Ferrell. “We’re very explicit in how we formulate our products.” <HOME>   

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Exactly what our pets need is someone like Jeff who cares about their health. Thanks!!
Dawn, Riverside, CA
Posted: 6/27/2011 2:11:16 PM
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