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6:56 AM   April 25, 2015
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Dean & Tyler


DT Harness
Functionality meets fashion with the all-weather DT Harness; from everyday use, such as walking, hiking and dog competitions to strenuous, demanding activities such as police training and emergency rescue, this all-weather, multi-purpose nylon harness is the answer, according to the company. Boasting the best of both worlds, the DT Harness is designed to allow your customers and their dogs to lead the pack with tough-as-nails finesse. The manufacturer’s listed features include: light weight for hours of comfortable wear Al-weather, multi-purpose-take a dog anywhere anytime; durable and long lasting for a lifetime of use; dual-location adjustable straps for optimal flexibility; three quality-welded, heavy-duty stitched D-rings for a wide range of activities; 2-inch light-weight snap release buckle for added convenience; heavy-duty, stitched handle for absolute control; optional light reflector available for added safety; available in four sizes.

Braidy Bunch
The Braidy Bunch leashes feature gorgeous handmade leather with fine braiding for stylish accenting that is sure to turn heads and wag some tails, too, the company states. These leashes are not only known for their style though; your customers will also get a long life of use out of these durable beauties, according to the manufacturer. Available in black and brown, it is 7-ft length, ¾ inch in width.

Dean’s Legend
The Dean's Legend dog collars are made of handmade Royal Nappa leather for comfortable handling a lifetime of beauty, according to the manufacturer. These collars combine elegance and confidence, making for the perfect collar for dogs with strong character; it's a true Rolls-Royce of collars, the company reports. Available in black, the collar is made to fit 18- to 27-inch (45- to 70cm) neck sizes.

The Basics

Company owner: David Ratner

Previous occupation: Marketing and advertising for small and medium businesses; business consulting

Business location: The corporate office is located at 545 8th Avenue Suite 401, New York, NY 10018; the showroom and warehouse located at 98 Fourth St Suite 100, New York, NY 11231

Number of employees (full and part time): Three full-time and two part-time

Number of years in business: International registration of the business since 1998 and in the U.S., Dean & Tyler started in 2006

Areas of distribution: U.S. nationwide, Canada and Europe


The Details

How/why company was founded: We felt there was a lack of high-quality large breed dog products on the market. When we frequented our local pet stores, we were disappointed with the lack of selection for large breeds as compared to small breeds. We began manufacturing and selling these products in Europe, after years of success in the European market, we decided to expand our presence into American retail stores.

Company motto/mission: "At Dean & Tyler your pet's safety and comfort is our priority, therefore our product's quality is your guarantee." --David, Tim & Kristina

Whether your dog is a family pet or a working professional, D&T will satisfy the outfitting needs of all medium, large, and extra-large breeds (D&T dog muzzles will fit small breeds as well). We offer a wide variety of high quality and handcrafted harnesses, muzzles, leashes, collars, bite sleeves, bite suits and other professional equipment.

Company culture (What makes you special? company pets, foundation support, community work, etc.): Dean & Tyler is a namesake of the founders’ dogs, Dean is David's golden retriever and Tyler is Tim and Kristina's flashy fawn boxer. David and Tim have been good friends for many years and Tim and Kristina are married, therefore the company really is like a close-knit family. Our small friendly environment sets the tone for how we do business. We treat even our smallest customers as if they are our most important client with individualized attention and flexible policies.

Biggest challenge: Competition from lower quality/lower priced dog product suppliers. Although Dean & Tyler products are affordable, many people are not willing or able to spend the extra money on D&T leather products when they could get a typical nylon collar or leash for less at mass pet distributors or discount stores.

Company product categories: Medium, large, and extra-large breed dog products. Our DT Muzzle fits small breeds as well.

Key to company’s success: D&T products’ handmade quality and aesthetics drive our business. People who value quality, not only in terms of material possessions but also in terms quality of life like nutrition, exercise and overall well-being, appreciate Dean & Tyler for their pets.

These people tell their likeminded friends or blog about us, their positive feedback is the key to Dean & Tyler’s growth.

Company product lines: Dean & Tyler offers a wide variety of high quality and handcrafted harnesses, muzzles, leashes, collars, bite sleeves, bite suits and other professional equipment.

Future product plans: D&T wants to give customers more design options by introducing new patterns and hardware on existing collars and harnesses. We are very pleased with the construction of the actual product, so we have no plans to change that in the near future, only the decoration.

Possibly adding eco-friendly dog beds made of 100-percent recycled materials.

Future business plans: Dean & Tyler’s main focus is to expand our presence in pet stores nationwide. Secondly, we plan to add new designs within existing product lines, as well as developing an eco-friendly bedding collection.

Our future business plans are getting into as many stores as possible and attending many trade shows in U.S. and overseas. Developing new designs and more friendly products for the same category, as well as getting into the green and recycled area and developing green products for dogs and pets in general. We think that it’s very important to keep and make our planet better a greener place! <HOME>

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I put in an order, no 7406, customer id 6066 on the 13/5/2014. You weren't satisfied with the identification that came with the credit card (fair enough), so I put money into your account on the 17 May, which got into your account on the 19 May. I know this as I got my bank to do a search and check if you received the money as you kept saying you hadn't. The $22 transfer fee I didn't mind but I then had to pay $25 for a search fee on the 2 June which showed that the money went into your account on the 19 May. I then sent you an email with the letter from my bank attached to prove that it had gone in. After that I was told that you had received the money and the order would be dispatched. I have received no email since then saying the order was dispatched, no receipts of this money. I have tried constantly contacting you on your site and can not get any response. You want your company to have a good reputation than this is not how you do it.
I started this order on the 13 May 2014, it is now the 11 June 2014 and I still don't know if the order has been sent and have no receipt of the money my bank showed went into your account on the 19 May. I am beginning to wonder if this is a scam and I have been taken for in Australian money $653.83 for products, plus $22 for transfer fee, and $25 search fee. A total of $700.83. I am in a complete quandary about what is going on. I would really like someone to tell me. Better still, get what I paid for in good faith. I really hope someone contacts me soon because Mr David Ratner this is not how you run a good company. I am at my wits end at what to do next so I hope you are a fair dinkum company. I have put AS in the state field as it won't process this without something in it. I have also not included my email address as it won't except it as valid. You have my details from my customer no and order no.
Robyn, Geelong, AS
Posted: 6/11/2014 1:15:17 AM
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