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12:53 AM   April 18, 2015
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Pet Industry Profiles

It was 56 years ago that Rolf C. Hagen immigrated to Canada, bringing his import/export apprenticeship experience with him. More than a half-century later, the Rolf C. Hagen company is one of the largest privately held pet product manufacturers in the world and it is Rolf’s son who now heads the concern. more>>
In 1985, Dogwarm's owner started as an equestrian laundry service, and has since turned the business into a large company with a mission of producing a high-quality U.S.-manufactured product. more>>
Cosmos Corporation was established in 1980 to service the liquid application needs of the pet industry. In 1990, Cosmos bought a manufacturing company that had been making products for the beauty care industry since 1963. more>>
Jon Willinger was the president and owner of Willinger Bros., Inc., a leading aquarium products company and manufacturer of the Whisper air pumps and power filters. more>>
Vétoquinol USA has positioned itself in the curative sector and has developed expertise in three major therapeutic fields: anti-infectives, pain management and anti-inflammatories, and cardiology and nephrology. more>>
D&T products’ handmade quality and aesthetics drive our business. People who value quality, not only in terms of material possessions but also in terms quality of life like nutrition, exercise and overall well-being, appreciate Dean & Tyler for their pets. more>>
“We have always been dog-obsessed fashionistas who love dogs, fashion, and dressing dogs. We’ve dressed our dogs since the 1970s before it was considered ‘normal’ or ‘acceptable’ to dress dogs. more>>
With an enhanced formula and packaging, the new and improved Biscuits with Benefits provide a healthy and delicious delight for dogs, the company reports. more>>
The Eco version of the Litter-Robot—the only self-cleaning litter box made in the United States—utilizes 100-percent post-consumer materials in the base, globe and waste-drawer components. more>>
Craig has always had a passion for agriculture. He founded the Wolf Creek Elk Ranch in 2000 and his son has managed the herd since the beginning. Like any farmer, he wanted his enterprise to be profitable and soon found out about the use of elk velvet antler in traditional Chinese medicine. more>>
Originally started more than 50 years ago as a distributor of sawdust sold as absorbents for delicatessens, meat markets and horse stalls, American Wood Fibers has grown into a total wood waste utilization recycling company. more>>
As people who live in an apartment with two dogs, Simone and I constantly faced toileting issues—when they need to go to the toilet at inconvenient times. more>>
How to help an anxious pet: The question had been swirling in Rod Herrenbruck’s mind while he played with his young son. The company he worked for was in the midst of formulating a pet food with added herbs to calm animal separation anxiety, and a new inspiration hit Herrenbruck. more>>
Pet beds have come a long way since the days when the only choices were old blankets on the floor or non-descript, stuffed ticking. more>>
Boomer, a 12-year-old dog once sick with little prospect for a long life, just might have his owner, Jim Scott, Sr., to thank for beating the odds. more>>
“Onesta” is Italian for “honesty.” This ethic is high on zoologist Heidi Junger’s list of what her company, Onesta Organics Inc. in San Diego, should provide to its customers. more>>
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