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1:10 PM   April 26, 2015
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New developments from the originator and developer of tea tree oil products for dogs
By Leila Lotfi

Coat Specific Care Solution shampoos for dog (left) and tea tree oil spa products - Coat Care Shampoo, Skin Care ADE Spray and ADE Ointment
The goal in creating MiracleCorp was to enhance the quality of life for pets, horses and their owners by providing the world’s finest animal products.

“We wanted to create a brand that had recognizable packaging, very high quality and offered value pricing,” says Bill Sherk, president of MiracleCorp based in Dayton, Ohio.

Over the past 10 years, MiracleCorp has expanded and acquired brands to include Hamilton Animal Products LLC and Summit Flexible Products Ltd. Twenty years later, MiracleCorp and its subsidiaries provide premium products for pets and their owners including supplements, equine products, collars, grooming tools, health aids, safety flooring and leads.

“We are now the largest manufacturer of equine halters,” says Sherk, who has been with the company for more than 10 years. 

The creation of MiracleCorp dates back to the mid-1980s, when the company’s founder learned about the healing power of tea tree oil for the skin and hair. Upon speaking with the Australian ambassador to the United States and the Australian Trade Council, in addition to conducting further research into the healing powers of Melaleuca Alternifolia Oil (tea tree oil), he realized its potential for the pet care industry and decided to create a line of pet care products with tea tree oil as their main ingredient. MiracleCorp recently unveiled its original tea tree oil spa products for dogs including Coat Care Shampoo, Skin Care ADE Spray and ADE Ointment.

MiracleCorp's newest product, the QuickFinder, utilizes QuickSensor technology to detect a pet's quick.

The company’s newest product, the QuickFinder, is a patented safety nail clipper that utilizes QuickSensor technology to detect the pet’s quick—that sensitive area of flesh underlying a nail—in order to prevent pain and bleeding.  The QuickFinder, available for dogs, cats, small animals and birds, has become the company’s largest seller since its release in 2007.

Due to the popularity of the QuickFinder, the QuickFinder Deluxe is being released in June. This nail clipper caters to large breeds and animals with hard-to-cut nails. It offers the same benefits as the QuickFinder but with improved cutting action, improved sensitivity and improved strength. The QuickFinder Deluxe is strong enough for use by groomers and veterinarians. 

“We try to offer products that are different and high in quality for pet and owner,” Sherk says. 

Coat Specific Care Solutions is a new line of shampoos for dogs, formulated for individual coat characteristics: Curly & Wiry, Short & Smooth, Long & Silky and Thick & Dense. Each shampoo is made with all-natural ingredients and provides solutions for pet skin and coat care needs. 

MiracleCorp At A Glance

President:  Bill Sherk

Location: Dayton, Ohio

No. of Employees: 100

Flagship Product: Mela Miracle

No. of years in business: 1988 (20 years)


ImmuGuard is a chewable balancing supplement for the immunology of a dog.  It uses whey protein concentrate, which is made from cow’s milk, enabling the immune system of the animal to become balanced.

“Products offer tremendous satisfaction to the consumer and provide subsequent use for the animal,” Sherk says.

MiracleCorp now offers more than 7,000 products for animals and their owners. Commitment to innovation, quality, care and growth are the key elements on which MiracleCorp is grounded according to the company.

“We believe that money generated by our products offer a greater return than most products in their category,” Sherk says. “It provides more dollars for the [retailer’s] basket.” <HOME>

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